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walkie talkerUsing a walkie talkie is an effective method of quick and portable communication. Walkie talkies are used for a wide variety of reasons! While walkie talkies are an efficient means of communication, knowing the proper language is crucial to good, accurate communication. Walkie talkies have their own lingo which can make communicating with walkie talkies a fun and exciting new activity! Below are a few general terms that can have you using your walkie talkie like a seasoned professional. Do you copy?

  • Breaker 1-9: I want to begin conversation.
  • 10-4: Okay.
  • Big 10-4: Yes.
  • Roger That: I understand.
  • Over and Out: I’m finished talking.
  • Negatory: No (Negative can also be said).
  • Affirmative: Yes.
  • Do you copy? Can you hear me?
  • Copy That: I hear you.
  • What’s your handle?: What’s your name (a nickname is generally used).
  • Got your ears on?: Are you on air and listening?
  • What’s your 20?: Where are you?
  • Standby: Used when someone tries to communicate but you are too busy to reply, simply say standby.
  • Go for____: I’m here and ready for conversation.

Walkie talkie lingo is simple and easy to learn. Using these common phrases will have you communicating properly and efficiently when using a walkie talkie to communicate. Over and out.

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FCC rules on Walkie-Talkies

Walkie Talkie rules and regulationsWalkie-talkies are extremely useful and affordable communication tools that are great for communicating with large or small groups of people over a short distance. Using a walkie-talkie doesn’t cost a service fee like a cell-phone, making them a great economical communication device. A walkie-talkie has many practical uses and can be a great tool for hunters, campers, hikers, and even families who just want to keep in touch. However, a walkie-talkie is a radio and several Federal Communications Commission regulations govern their operation.

A  walkie-talkie operates on two frequencies, a Family Radio Service, and a General Mobile Radio Service. FRD is the lower-power and shorter-ranged frequency, functioning at up to a mile at best. The GMRS frequency operates at a much higher power and has a 5 mile range. The GMRS frequency requires an FCC license to operate. The GMRS license allows a user and his family the right to use the frequency around them. The license is good for five years, and must be renewed if the unit is being used. FCC rules for GMRS frequencies apply only to the United States, if you plan on travelling with a walkie-talkie it is recommended to check on the country’s telecommunication regulations.

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Choosing the Best Walkie-Talkie for Your Needs


When it comes to buying walkie-talkies, there are a few factors to take into consideration. Walkie-talkie and two-way radio communication have come a long way since the inception of the walkie-talkie during World War II. The compact nature of today’s walkie-talkies, and the simple way of using them make them a perfect communication tool for a variety of reasons. A walkie-talkie is an effective tool during an emergency, or to keep in communication with somebody without the service fee of a cellular phone. With so many options for walkie-talkies on the market today, it can be a daunting task trying to choose the one for you. Try to take the following into consideration when making your purchase • Assess the purpose that the walkie-talkies will be used for.

• Research the different and most modern technologies out there. Many people may praise analog devices, but a lot of people are better off with a modern digital device.

• Don’t buy a device that has features you will never use. Keep it simple, and you may end up not overpaying for a device.

• The distance the walkie-talkie will cover. If you plan on using the walkie-talkie within a 2-mile radius a non-licensed walkie-talkie is fine. Any distance larger than 5 miles will require a licensed walkie-talkie.

• Gather reviews on walkie-talkies to ensure you’re buying a highly rated model.

• Consider the type of power supply you want. If you have a ready power supply around at all times, a rechargeable model is perfect, however, applications away from a power supply may be better off with a changeable battery walkie-talkie.

There are many ways to choose a walkie-talkie that’s right for you. We can always help find which radio is right for you with our two-way radio survey as well.

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Motorola CLS Series Two-Way Radios, a Simple Solution for Your Small Business

Light as a feather.
Easy to use.
Broad coverage.


Check. Check. And, Check. The Motorola CLS series two-way radio delivers everything you need in a light-duty, business walkie-talkie.

Up to 5 miles range outdoors, 200,000 sq. ft. inside and 15 floors up in a high rise**; the UHF band CLS two-way radio keeps you and your employees on the same page no matter where you are on the job. Close knit communication between management and employees or amongst employees themselves has proven crucial to providing the kind of customer service that closes the deal. Whether its quick and friction-free delivery of products or timely and accurate information, your business builds confidence in the hearts and minds of your customers when your supply chain respond to their needs, fast.

When your customers get a good deal or a business makes their life easier, they tell a friend. Or, nowadays, they tell their whole network of friends on Facebook and twitter. Or maybe the whole world with sites like yelp and google places. If customers don’t get what they want when they want it, they talk about that too, online. Today’s social networking portals are here to stay for better and worse. Make all the forms in which word-of-mouth advertising manifests these days, work to your advantage by delivering the fast and efficient customer service you provide with a Motorola CLS 1110 or a Motorola CLS 1410 two-way radio. Old school radio frequency technology can help you succeed in the new cyber-driven marketplace.

And when it comes to usability, Motorola CLS walkie-talkies keep it simple. Both the CLS 1110 and the CLS 1410 feature a front panel programmable display. You always know where you are in function menus, key-pad lockout status, where you stand on battery power and what channel or interference eliminator code your using. Everything you need to know displays right there on the screen.

For simplicity’s sake, CLS series walkie-talkies are a great solution for businesses that see a high turnover of employees because it takes so little training to use them. Industries involved in seasonal jobs for the summer or holidays, fast food, movie theaters, retail, nursing homes, kennels etc. will love how quickly they can get their employees up to speed and ready to work using their Motorola CLS handheld radio.

Walkie-talkie settings are just as easy to configure from radio to radio using a multi-unit charger. Just drop it in the charging tray and select copy settings! Another bonus to the multi-unit charger lies at the end of the day, when you always know where your radios are. The CLS multi-unit charger helps reduce back office clutter when you don’t have to plug-in a bunch of separate single-charger units.

Of course you have to charge them — they don’t eat grass — but the CLS series two-way radio is not a beast on battery power. CLS walkie-talkies work on just 1-Watt of power, so one full charge will last you up to 12 hours. Just that 1-Watt of power provides twice as much reach as a FRS family radio. For extra flexibility on the fly, the CLS series radios are made to be compatible with AAA batteries when used with an AAA adapter (sold separately). Lithium-ion batteries are the recommended battery chemistry, but for times when you’re out on a longer haul and need your two-way radio to keep on truckin’ a AAA battery can jump in as a pinch hitter you can grab at any convenience store.

Standing slightly over 4 inches tall and weighing in at just under 5 ounces, the Motorola CLS series two-way radio comes feature fat. 121 interference eliminator codes (also called privacy codes) comprised of 83 digital and 38 analogue codes await at your service for cross-chatter free and private conversations on 56 business exclusive frequencies (464.5 – 469.5MHz). Both the CLS1110 and the CLS1410 offer key-pad lockout, a battery meter, a channel code indicator, an audible low battery alert tone and 3 audible call tones. So what sets them apart?

Honestly, there’s a little bit of a price difference because the CLS 1110 is a one-channel walkie-talkie. The CLS 1110 makes for a great, affordable solution for businesses that don’t need to separate out their job communications among different groups. The CLS 1410 model offers everything you get with the CLS 1110; plus the CLS 1410 offers 4-channel communication with channel scan, VOX and Vibracall. In addition to the 3 audible call alert tones, Vibracall alerts you to an incoming transmission via vibration. VOX lets you transmit hands free (when used with an optional accessory, sold separately) simply by speaking in the direction of the mic. The VOX feature senses your intention to transmit and broadcasts your message over the channel/code to which your 2-way radio is tuned.

The 4-channel communication you get when you go with a Motorola CLS 1410 lets you separate conversations among different user groups. Huh? OK. Let’s pretend your name is Jerry and you own and operate a movie theater. You’ve got ticket-takers who do double duty as clean-up in between shows, concessions and projectionists. You want to reduce the running around when employees need to talk to you or each other, so you’re looking at buying some user-friendly, walkie-talkies to end asking of the eternal question, “Do you know where Jerry is?” Here’s how the CLS 1410 can make that happen using 4-channel communication.

You, Jerry, are available on Channel 1 to answer all questions, unlock doors for supplies, pick-up drawers, provide change, listen to sob stories, you name it. You put the ticket/clean-up kids on Channel 2 — no need to track ‘em down when someone’s puked in the bathroom again and they can’t hide. Put your concessions folk on Channel 3 where they can radio for back-up, card machine flare-up or more of whatever that is that goes on popcorn. The projectionists, you assign to Channel 4, so they never have to leave their post during a movie – they can just signal a technical or a security issue right over the air. Done. Everyone knows where to find you and each other and you know where to reach them. The benefit of separating communication over the 4 separate channels is that no one gets distracted by or has to filter out calls that aren’t intended for them. In other words, the projectionists don’t need to know when the coke tap needs more syrup, but you do. The CLS1410 makes it happen and keeps it simple.

To order your Motorola CLS series two-way radio, just add the model you like to your shopping cart and Techwholesale.com will ship it to you on the same or the first business day after you place your order, for free!

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Motorola RDX Series Walkie-Talkies: Which model is right for you?

Motorola, the first name in rugged, ready to rumble two-way radios presents their roughest and toughest yet: The Motorola RDX series.

Your business puts a beat down on equipment. You run a wet, dirty construction site, farm or campground. You operate a busy warehouse, manufacturing plant, hotel, restaurant, hospital or retail store. You’re an independent contractor with employees and assistants working jobs of all stripes and sizes in plumbing, photography, catering, electricity, insert-your-business-here. To get the job done, you work hard.

You need a walkie-talkie that can take it and keep up.

Motorola’s RDX series two-way radios do all that and more. The RDX walkie-talkie runs on a metal die-cast chassis housed in a polycarbonate overmold. Made to military specifications 810 C, D, E, F and IP 54/55 for moisture, shock, vibration, dust and temperature extremes as high as 140F and lows of -22F — how shall we put this delicately — this walkie-talkie works under conditions that will kill you.

Not only are they built to last, Motorola RDX two-way radios are finely tuned for high performance with a speaker output that boasts 2000 milli-watts of power. Whether it’s the loud environment of a high volume production floor or your business’ high-energy event, your messages come through loud and clear. Always ahead of the curve in Radio Frequency technology, the Motorola RDX two-way radio brings the latest in RF specifications plus enhanced noise and magnetic field interruption reduction to your business transmissions.

Techwholesale.com offers the Motorola RDX series walkie-talkie in both the UHF and VHF bands, in a variety of models with just the right set of features at the right price for your business’ budget. When you use a Motorola two-way radio, you don’t pay cell phone bills. You don’t sweat minutes, contracts or roaming. You invest once and the pay off continues for years. Motorola’s RDX walkie-talkies transmit and receive a clear, strong signal across a broad range of terrains and weather conditions. All RDX models feature both digital and analogue privacy/interference elimination codes that serve to keep your conversations uncrowded and confidential.

Not just hearty and high performance, Motorola RDX series two-way radios are dead easy to use too. Advanced Voice Activation (VOX) lets you use your radio without using your hands. Just talk in the direction of your mic and the VOX technology senses your intention to transmit and delivers your message (requires accessories, sold separately). Several models feature a programmable front panel with a back-lit display. All RDX walkie-talkies come compatible with free for download, Customer Programming Software (CPS) that allows consumers to program their radio’s features and frequencies using their own PC. With CPS, you don’t have to rely on a dealer to configure your RDX two-way radios. Of course, here at Techwholesale.com we’re always here to help!

CPS software adds even more usability to your RDX walkie-talkie! Packed full of features, CPS gives you access to business savvy functionality like Power Select to conserve battery, Manager Lock, PL/DL Defeat, Radio Reporting for profiles and cloning settings and Reverse Burst (to eliminate unwanted noise). Add in two time-out timers, three audible alert tones, autoscan, scan list, accessory and radio mic gain, battery save and scan channel delete and you’re looking at a full-featured, business ready radio.

The RDX series offers radios that work on either the UHF or VHF band. You can tell which is which by the model number: RDU is UHF, RDV for VHF. Because the Motorola RDX series handheld radios broadcast and receive on frequencies set aside for the business community, 438-470MHz for UHF and 146-174 for VHF, an FCC business license is required to use them.

Motorola’s RDX series two-way radios are compatible with Motorola XTN, CLS or Spirit radios.

Now that we’ve gone over a bit of what’s the same across the Motorola RDX series. Let’s take a look at the individual models Techwholesale.com offers and what sets them apart one from the other.

Motorola RDU2020 Two-way UHF Radio

The RDU 2020 is a sweet little handheld radio. It works on the UHF band, which is the right choice if you’re working inside, inside and outside, or you’re looking to match up with other UHF walkie-talkies you have in service. The RDU 2020 uses 2-Watts of power to broadcast and receive transmissions on its 2 channels. You’ll be able to communicate across 250,000 square feet or up to 20 floors using 89 business exclusive frequencies from 450-470MHz. To help you and your employees access a clear and uncrowded channel, the RDU 2020 provides 122 interference elimination codes (sometimes called privacy codes) that include 83 digital and 39 analogue codes. It ships with a standard issue battery, the RLN6352 lithium-ion battery, which lasts 12 hours on one full charge. An upgrade to the RLN6308 Ultra-Capacity lithium-ion battery will bring you 26 hours on a full charge when used with one of the 2-Watt model walkie-talkies.

In our experience, a Motorola RDU2020 becomes a big asset to small business caterers, electricians, plumbers, photographers, event planners and entrepreneurs of all stripes…

Motorola RDU2080d Two-way UHF Radio

The RDU 2080d is basically an RDU 2020, but with a front panel programmable, back-lit display and 8 channels instead of 2. The RDU 2080d provides 2-Watts of power, 8 channels, 89 business exclusive frequencies between 450-470MHz on the UHF band and offers 122 interference elimination codes (83 digital, 39 analogue). Coverage extends as far and wide as 250,000 square feet and up to 20 floors! The programmable front panel display adds a little extra ease in usability, if you need to tweak on the fly and like to see things on a display. It comes standard with the RLN 6352 lithium-ion battery that provides 12 hours usage on one charge. Upgrade to the RLN 6308, Ultra-Capacity battery for 26 hours on one charge when used with a 2-Watt model walkie-talkie.

Businesses with more groups of employees engaged in different, unrelated tasks should look to the 2080d for the 8 channel capacity to separate out communications into individual channels. Say, if you’re running a restaurant, you’d put the wait staff on one channel, the bus staff on another, cooks on their own, valets on theirs, seating staff, prep cooks etc.. and have the manager on duty scan them all to trouble-shoot anything that goes down. Vet clinics, medical and dental offices, videographers, retailers, warehouses all love the 2080d for its broad reach, channel separation and low power usage.

Motorola RDV2020 Two-way VHF Radio

The RDV2020 is Motorola’s 2020 for businesses who run their radios mostly outdoors. VHF waves are longer and stay close to the ground, so they travel farther outdoors and are best for penetrating forested areas; the flatter the terrain, all the better. The RDV 2020 uses 2-Watts of power to operate its two-channels across 27 business exclusive VHF frequencies, 150.8 – 160MHz. 122 interference elimination codes with 83 digital and 39 analogue codes serve to bring you clear and unfettered communication. The RDV 2020 handheld radio provides a range of 220,000 sq. ft and 13 floors. Your RDV2020 will arrive with a standard lithium-ion battery that lasts for 12 hours on a full charge. Upgrade to the Ultra High Capacity battery, RLN 6308, and you’re looking at up to 26 hours on one charge when used with a 2-Watt radio.

The RDV 2020 is a great walkie-talkie for small farms, fisherfolk, hunters, car clubbers and anyone who wants to talk about their love of the great outdoors while out in it.

Motorola RDV2080d Two-way VHF Radio

Same deal. The RDV2080d is Motorola’s 2080d for businesses that use their handheld radios primarily outside and need the outdoor reach of the long VHF wave. Or, if you’ve already got some VHF band radios you want to replace or add communication compatible radios, then you’ll need to stick with VHF. It’s important to note, VHF radios will not talk to UHF radios. Ever.

2-Watts of power, 8 channel communication and a programmable front panel with back-lit display, make this radio is a keeper. The RDV 2080d operates on 27 business only frequencies and broadcasts across 220,000 sq. ft and up 13 floors. 122 privacy codes comprised of 83 digital and 39 analogue codes work for your clear and confidential communication. Buy it with a standard lithium-ion battery and you get 12 hours of usage from a single charge. Upgrade for 26 hours of potential usage from just that one charge, when used with a 2-Watt walkie-talkie.

Outdoorsy types like campground managers and campers, boating enthusiasts, hikers, motorcyclists, paintballers should think about adding an RDV 2080d walkie-talkie to their business or pleasure.

The 2-Watt RDX series two-way radios are perfect for small business or recreational users who want an affordable walkie-talkie that doesn’t require or use up a lot of power quickly. They’re simple and easy to use, requiring little training to get up and running.

Motorola RDU4100 Two-Way UHF Radio

The Motorola RDU4100 is the next step up in the RDX series. A two-way radio with 4-Watts of power pushing 10 channels that operate on UHF band business only frequencies from 438-470MHz, the 4100 gets the job done. 4-Watts gives you extra oomph that pushes your signal 350,000 sq. feet and up to 30 floors high in a building. 213 privacy codes with 84 digital privacy codes, 84 inverted digital privacy codes and 6 customizable privacy codes go that extra mile to protect your conversations and score you a clear channel in a chatty world. Your Motorola RDU4100 comes standard with the Ultra-High Capacity lithium-ion battery to offer you up to 18.5 hours usage on a single charge. The RDU4100 also features a removable, stubby antenna.

If you need to transmit over a broader area or you’ve got multiple groups of users who don’t need to be distracted with talk that doesn’t mean anything to them, then you’ll want to consider the 4100 for its 4-Watts of power and ten channels. Many businesses such as manufacturing plants, construction sites, hotels, and warehouses make the 4100’s Push-to-talk button their main squeeze.

Motorola RDU4160d Two-Way UHF Radio

You might call the Motorola 4160d the Papa Bear of their RDX series walkie-talkies. Each unit offers the functionality of front panel programmability with a back-lit display for ease of use. Packin’ 4-Watts and 16 channels, the 4160d brings a full court press to business radio communication. The Motorola 4160d ships with an Ultra-High Capacity battery for 18.5 hours of potential usage on just one charge. Coverage is thick and spreads over 350,000 sq. ft and up to 30 floors in a building. 213 interference elimination codes (84 digital, 84 inverted digital and 6 customizable codes) work hard to find you a clear spot to talk among its business exclusive frequencies from 438-470MHz. The RDU4160d also comes with a removable, stubby antenna.

Heavy-duty two-way radio users like the US Military, large university campuses, businesses that span multiple buildings, hotels and luxury lofts depend on the 4160d for their critical communications.

Motorola RDV5100 Two-Way VHF Radio

This is the Big Daddy of VHF for the Motorola RDX series: pumpin’ 5-Watts across 10 channels over 300,000 sq. ft and up to 18 floors! The RDV 5100 is your perfect storm when it comes to outdoor business radio communication. 27 business exclusive frequencies from 146-174MHz are yours for the asking, along with 213 privacy codes stacked on 84 digital privacy codes, 84 inverted digital privacy codes and 6 customizable privacy codes. The RDV 5100 comes standard with the Ultra-High Capacity lithium-ion battery that provides up to 18.5 hours usage on a single charge. You’ll find added flexibility in the RDV 5100’s removable, stubby antenna.

Business and recreational users who need to communicate over a large area – especially those involved in marine communications – rely on the RDV5100. Broad coverage, outdoor users such as golf courses, large farms, military, boatyards and large outdoor sites know their RDV5100 will carry their signal long range.

A Motorola RDX 4100, 4160 and 5100 two-way radio is the powerhouse choice for heavy-hitters. You get powerful multi-channel communication in a flexible, really, really hard to break industrial grade walkie-talkie.

The icing on the cake? Order your Motorola RDX series two-way radio from Techwholesale.com and you get FREE shipping!

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Motorola DTR Walkie-Talkies

Get the crystal clarity, portability and data dexterity of a cellular phone — minus the minutes! With a Motorola DTR series digital two-way radio there are no flaky service tower signals, no monthly bills, no per-minute charges. Plus the DTR seers operates on the eXRS 900 Mhz band, which means there’s no FCC license required, so no fee! Communication on the job just got a whole lot cheaper!

To stay on top, competitive companies need to keep costs down and customer satisfaction up. Cost effective on-site communication is key: whether you work in manufacturing, retail or a service industry; productivity means business. Motorola’s DTR series walkie-talkies increase job site coverage by 40%*. In real time, that means your employees transmit your business goals across 325,000 sq.ft. and up to 30 floors**. Motorola’s DTR series two-way radios do the legwork, so your employees can attend to the business at hand.

Convenient Calling Features and Data Transmission

The DTR digital difference also provides cell phone/radio hybrid features like One-to-One and One-to-Many calling. Digital One-to-One calling offers the convenience of a cell phone in that each radio has an 11-digit ID that allows one radio to ‘call’ another individual radio’s 11-digit ID. The Caller ID feature shows the ID of the radio that’s calling (or the radio’s name, if you use the optional mini-keyboard to program contact names). Call Forwarding lets you forward your calls to another radio’s ID.

Digital One-to-Many calling is an old school radio transmission with a digital twist. One radio can transmit to your entire DTR series fleet. Or, depending on the model you choose, you can simultaneously communicate with between 15 and 25 customizable sub-groups (out of up to 25 programmable public groups in a potential 150 person shared/private contact list). So when Fred the Foreman needs to talk to John on the loading dock or when Jennifer the GM needs to meet with everyone from Maintenance, and only maintenance; productivity flows from just one call.

The convenience of the Motorola DTR series data storage and transmission features lets you scroll through lists of your most frequently used ID’s and groups and your most recent calls. When discretion or a rush requires, you can send individuals or groups an SMS text message using preset options like “I’ll call you back in 5 minutes”. Or you can create, store and send your own messages using an optional mini-keyboard. Data cloning via cloning cable programs all of your radios with just the minimal effort of attaching the cable.
With digital, it makes no difference if you’re on the fringe or the forefront of your walkie-talkie’s range. All of your communications come through loud and clear. They’re also private.

Evade Eavesdroppers

Motorola DTR series two-way radios use a snoop-proof technology called the Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS). Co-invented by one of the great Hollywood beauties of the 1940’s actress Heddy Lamarr, FHSS was first patented during World War II as a countermeasure to protect radar, beacons, navigation and communications from enemy discovery. FHSS now boasts years of service in military communications for its low probability of intercept and anti-jam features. Low power usage and ability to share crowded bandwidth without producing interference pushed FHSS into commercial markets.

FHSS protects your privacy by mixing your information with pseudo noise codes in a low power transmission over a bandwidth that is likely a 100 times wider than that needed for your information stream. Spreading signal across such a wide band renders the signal indistinguishable to wannabe listeners from other RF noise (Gaussian Noise, in technical terms). To further foil eavesdroppers, both your information and the pseudo noise codes hop from frequency to frequency. Except for about a 1 in 10 billion chance, only the designated receiver and transmitter know or can decode this sequence and reassemble your information. The odds are always in your favor when you use a Techwholesale.com offers two great models: Motorola DTR series radio to discuss confidential matters like the transfer of last night’s register or the arrival of a shipment or a VIP.

Motorola’s DTR Series

Techwholesale.com offers two great models: DTR 410 and DTR 550. Both share the common attributes of the Motorola DTR series such as digital data, privacy and clarity meet military standards for durability and reliability (US Military Specficiations 810 C, D, E, F). Both operate for approximately 14.5 hours using the standard battery on the same 3-hour charge. Neither requires an FCC license. Their differences lie in range, price and a few user-friendly features.

DTR 410, the lower priced model, may be programmed using Motorola’s free for download software that supports front panel programming. The DTR 410,may be monitored or disabled remotely and transmits and receives data and time updates over the air. It reaches members of its potential 100 unit (private/group) contact list over a range of 300,000 sq.ft. and up to 25 floors*. Up to 10 of its potential 25 public groups may scan the same channel at once. While the DTR 410, does offer private calling, it doesn’t support private groups.

DTR 550 supports private calling, 10 private groups and 20 public groups in its 150 unit contact list. Up to 5 groups may scan a channel simultaneously. The DTR 550 may be monitored, disabled or receive date and time updates remotely, but does not initiate remote controlling. The DTR 550 carries a range of 325,000 sq. ft. and up to 30 floors*.

Accessories Make Your Radio, Yours

Both models in Motorola’s Digital Two-Way Radio series offer a host of features and accessories to make your business run leaner, faster and smarter. Your employees will love the way they can wear their radios in sync with the way they work using a full range of diversely configured accessories like ear pieces with in-line mics, shoulder mics, clip-on mics; headsets and earbuds. Clip ‘em to a belt, holster ‘em cowboy style or just shove ‘em in a bag they’re always at the ready. Audio and vibration alerts for calls, alarms and reminders signal when there’s business at hand. Employees can charge them at their desks or managers can drop them all in a multi-unit charger that helps clone and keep track of each radio.

You can’t beat the performance of the digital difference for the trifecta of privacy, clarity and performance. For a full listing of attributes, bells and whistles on the DTR 410 and DTR 550 and great prices with free shipping check out Techwholesale.com’s business radio offerings.

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Do You Drive a Plow? Have Business Radios on Hand

snowy field

If you’re part of a snow plow team or operate a small plowing business, it’s important to keep the lines of communication open. When you’re trying to coordinate snow removal, you may need to ask questions, give directions, or just provide feedback to other members of your crew. To help you do that, TechWholesale.com offers a great selection of business radios and two way walkie talkies that are designed to keep your operations running smoothly.

Able to offer clear communication over secure channels, our two way radios are just what you’ve been looking for when it comes time to communicate with others on your team. Unlike cell phones which can lose reception or be tough to operate while you’re driving the plow, our two way radios offer you a convenient way to communicate without sacrificing quality or performance. These radios are tough, durable, and long-lasting, so you can get the job done, no matter what the size of the storm.

Get two way radios to communicate with other snow plows today at TechWholesale.com.

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A Family Favorite: The Motorola Talkabout MJ270 Series

Motorola Talkabout Radio

Motorola Talkabout Radio

If you’ve been looking for a Family Radio Service (FRS) or General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) radio for use while you’re traveling, hiking, or just at home, then you’ve come to the right place. TechWholesale.com offers the Motorola Talkabout MJ270 series that’s simply perfect for use within your family, whether you’re at home or out on the road.

Able to serve a range up to 7 miles, the Motorola Talkabout MJ270 series uses both FRS and GMRS frequencies to provide secure channel combinations as well as awesome communications power. These radios also include long battery life, hands-free communication capabilities, Quiet Talk interruption filters, emergency alert buttons, built-in flashlight, mini-USB charging port, a convenient backlit display, and even access to 11 weather channels (including 7 NOAA) with alert feature. To put it simply – these radios do it all.

Make sure that your family has the best set of walkie talkies available by getting your set of Motorola Talkabout radios today at TechWholesale.com.

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Give the Gift of Walkie Talkies

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The holiday season will be here before you know it and if you’re still stuck on what to get your children (or your hubby, sister, brother, etc.) we have a great idea that you can appreciate. Walkie talkies!

Walkie talkies can be a great gift for anyone this holiday season, especially if this person loves to get out and move. Hikers, bikers, campers, fishermen, frequent travelers, and walkers alike can appreciate having an easy and convenient way to communicate with just a push of the button. Plus, with tons of great features built into many of our Motorola walkie talkie sets, you can be sure that you’re getting a gift that keeps on giving.

Built-in flashlights, hands-free compatibility, and even access to emergency weather channels are just some of the features you’ll find built in to our Motorola walkie talkie sets. Trust us – your loved one won’t want to leave home without one!

Get yours today – just in time for the holiday season, by shopping the selection at TechWholesale.com.

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Going Hunting? Bring Walkie Talkies

Don't go hunting without the right set of hunting radios

Don't go hunting without the right set of hunting radios

At TechWholesale.com, we understand that all of our customers need walkie talkies for different reasons. One of those reasons is hunting. In many areas of the country, hunters are gearing up for yet another successful season. However, without the right kind of walkie talkies, it can be tough to communicate with others in your hunting party. So, to make things easy, TechWholesale.com offers a great variety of hunting walkie talkies that are perfect for taking out in the woods.

Able to communicate over long distances using secure frequencies, these hunting radios are just what you’ve been looking for to keep your hunting party together, even when you’re spread out over a large area. With built-in flashlight on some models and even access to emergency weather stations, you’ll feel safer and more secure on your hunting trip with an essential communication device that goes above and beyond. Trust us – you won’t want to go hunting without them.

Get your hunting radios just in time for your next hunting trip at TechWholesale.com.

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