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Two-Way Radio Brands and Why they Matter

Don’t risk your important communications with a lesser-known two-way radio brand! Go with a trusted industry leader for the latest in innovative technology, most reliable equipment and best customer support.

Why Bigger is Better When It Comes to Two-Way Radios
The two biggest players in the world of portable and mobile radios is Kenwood and Motorola. Both companies have more than 50 years of experience in consumer electronics and each has made its mark in developing next generation radio equipment and accessories that match the demands of the marketplace.  Why is this important? The best two-way radio company will be the one that was an innovator since the beginning of mobile communications. They will have the edge over newer companies, since they were the ones who first introduced the technology and they’ve been following the changes and trends in two-way radios for many years. Between them, Motorola and Kenwood have the largest customer base for two-way radio systems and walkie-talkies, and this reputation can only be upheld by continuing to offer high performance devices with the most important features and best reliability. They each have their own line of compatible accessories that are specifically designed for particular models to deliver the optimal potential from your radio.

Kenwood Radios: Cutting Edge, Reliability, Price and Many Choices
Beginning as Kasuga Radio Co. Ltd. In 1946, Kenwood’s first analog radio was released in 1978. They introduced the TK-250 portable two-way walkie-talkie in 1995, and their extremely popular Pro-Talk radio, which did not require a license, came out in 1999. Since that time, their radios have become known throughout the world as being durable, high-quality, comfortable to use and inexpensive. Their radios have long battery life and the company offers many compatible accessories. The radios are also compatible with most other brands of accessories. The company offers many different models, from basic models for those on a budget to high-end radios with many advanced features. Kenwood continues to closely follow public demand and creates products to meet existing needs.

Motorola Radios: A Leading Innovator and Mobile Communications Pioneer
Founded in 1928, Motorola (then known as Galvin Manufacturing Corporation) led the way in car radios and police cruiser radios. Their early portable radio, developed in 1940, was used by the U.S. military in World War II. They are a company of “firsts” – world’s first FM portable two-way radio in 1943, first commercial taxi two-way communication system in 1944 and first portable radios for business use in 1947. They were also the first company in the world to introduce a commercially-available cellular phone, in 1983. This history of innovation puts them ahead of later adopters when it comes to knowledge of the industry, technological expertise and seeing the future of portable communications.

Today, both Kenwood and Motorola offer high-tech digital two-way radios that combine cell phone convenience with the security, privacy and durability of a robust radio device. Both their analog and digital radios come equipped with sophisticated features, and you’ll benefit from their many years of expertise with the quality, versatility, durability and compatibility of their widely-used products.

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Good Low Cost Options for Two-Way Radios

Do you want a more reliable, efficient and secure way of communicating with family members or employees, but you think you can’t afford it? Think again! Spend a few minutes reading this article and learn about several high-performance, low-cost two-way radios. While technology has advanced, prices have come down, leaving us with extremely affordable ways to stay in touch.

There are several advantages of two-way walkie-talkies over cell phones. They operate in remote areas that have spotty or non-existent cell phone coverage. They offer secure communications, and you can speak on them freely to every member of your family or work team without using up minutes on your cell phone plan. They have features such as voice activation, built-in NOAA weather channels and, for business models, business-exclusive frequencies. Certain personal two-way radios don’t even require an FCC license to operate, making them even more affordable.

Low Cost Family Two-Way Radios
For friends and families to stay in touch inexpensively, there’s the Motorola Talkabout Two-Way Radio Series. They’re sold with multiple radios in the package and priced well under $100 per radio, making them a great value. The T400, T460 and T465 are hybrid models operating on both the GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) and the FRS (Family Radio Service) bands. The Motorola MH230R operates on the FRS band only. The FRS band is meant for family and personal communications, and does not require an FCC license to operate, making these two-way walkie-talkies even more affordable. Because no paperwork is needed, it’s fast to get up and running quickly. The Talkabout radios can cover up to 1 or 2 miles, and they come equipped with 22 channels and built-in NOAA weather channels, making them ideal for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities.

Low Cost Business Two-Way Radios
Business users can boost productivity, profits and customer satisfaction with the fast, streamlined communications that two-way radios provide, and they can do it in a cost-effective way. For indoor and outdoor use, you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck with Motorola’s CLS1110, CLS1410 and CLP1010 UHF two-way radios. At prices under $200 and with features like business-exclusive frequencies, interference eliminator codes, LCD displays, hands-free operation and simplified cloning of radio settings, companies can have clear, secure internal communications that’s well within the budget. These models are also extremely compact and lightweight, making them a smart choice for restaurant employees, hotel staff, catering companies and other businesses where employees are always on the go and must maintain a neat, professional appearance. These radios can be worn comfortably and discreetly.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive VHF two-way radio for outdoor use, consider the Motorola RMV2080. With 2 watts of power, it can reach up to 220,000 square feet outdoors and 13 floors indoors. This 8-channel walkie-talkie features voice-inversion scramble settings for added privacy, VOX hands-free operation, a rugged design that meets military specifications and built in NOAA weather radio with alerts. The Motorola RMM2050 MURS band radio is also priced right for companies on a budget. A VHF radio designed for outdoor use, the MURS (Multi-Use Radio Service) band does not require an FCC license to use. These radios have many advanced features and are also built to strict military specifications for resistance to rain, extreme temperatures, shock and vibration.

Kenwood also makes high-quality, low-cost walkie-talkie radios for business use. Their UHF models, Kenwood PKT-23 and Kenwood TK-3230, have features such as easy cloning, voice-activated operation, battery-saver technology, programmable frequencies and enhanced audio clarity. Their VHF outdoor model, Kenwood TK-2400V4P, has a range of up to 6 miles, wireless cloning, voice inversion scrambling and a removable whip antenna. It meets military specification MIL-STD 810.

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The Best Two-Way Radios of 2015

Learn about the latest advanced features in two-way radio design and find the best two-way radios of 2015 for business or for personal use. Choosing the right walkie-talkie will boost business productivity and profits, keep families and friends in touch during outdoor adventures and provide a cheaper and more secure alternative to cell phones. With this invaluable guide, you can find the best two-way radio on the market for your specific usage and requirements.

Best Two-Way Radio for Family Use
Personal two-way radios are frequently sold in sets, making them especially convenient and a great value for families. The best family walkie-talkie system must be easy for younger children to operate, offer hands-free operation while hiking, boating or engaged in some other strenuous activity, and be economically priced to fit into the family budget. If the radios operate on the FRS (Family Radio Service) band, they do not require an FCC license to operate, making them even more affordable and easy to get up and running immediately. Another important feature for family radios is the ability to tune into NOAA weather channels to keep apprised of weather emergencies and other potential hazards. The Motorola Talkabout Series has all these key features covered. They’re sold in 2-radio or 3-radio sets, use the FRS band (or both the FRS and GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) bands and are basic units that are easy for kids to use. They offer hands-free communication and a few of the models include a built-in LED flashlight. All can pick up NOAA weather channels.

Recommended Walkie-Talkies for Outdoor Adventures and Emergency Usage
For long-distance hikes, camping in remote locations where cell phone service is spotty or non-existent and during emergencies, certain features are essential. This includes extremely durable construction, built-in NOAA weather channels and voice-activated, hands-free operation. The best two-way radios for outdoor and emergency usage are the Motorola RMV2080 and the Motorola RMM2050. These are heavy-duty, high-end radios that are designed for peak performance in the harshest conditions. They both conform to MIL-STD 810 specifications for protection against extreme temperatures, adverse weather conditions, vibration and shock. They feature VOX hands-free use and are made to pick up NOAA weather alerts. This makes these ideal emergency two-way radios, whether for search and rescue operations, as personal walkie-talkies for outdoor adventure sports or as business two-way radios in challenging environments.

Best 2015 Two-Way Radios for Business Use (Offices in High-Rise Buildings, Large Complexes)
If you’re looking for the best two-way radios for high-rise office buildings, apartment complexes and other large commercial or industrial properties, look no further than the Motorola RDU4100 and Motorola RDU4160d. These are powerful 4-watt two-way radios with signal transmission up to 30 floors. They feature removable antennas, exclusive business radio frequencies, advanced voice activation and customer programming software. They’re also repeater-ready, if you need even wider coverage. They’re built to rigorous military specifications and offer easy cloning of settings. Motorola’s digital two-way radios, the DLR1020, DLR1060, DTR410 and DTR550 operate on the 900MHz band and have a far reach at a fraction of the wattage of the UHF radios. They can transmit exceptionally clear signals up to 20-30 floors.

Walkie-Talkies for Hotels, Restaurants and Other Customer Service Jobs
Restaurant staff, hotel workers, retail clerks and other personnel that attend to customers all day or all night long have special requirements. Two-way radios must be compact, lightweight and discreet, so they can engage in internal business communications while still maintaining a professional appearance for the public. A portable, hands-free radio system allows waiters and waitresses, catering company workers and event planners to continue to move around and work with no loss of productivity. The best two-way radios for service workers and event planners are Motorola CLP Series, Motorola CLS Series and Kenwood PKT-23 radios. They all weigh in at less than 5 ounces and are compact and discreet, featuring hands-free operation with compatible headsets. Of course, the best two-way radios are always available at TechWholesale.

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The Best Handheld UHF Radios

Take a few minutes to read this “Best Two-Way UHF Radio Guide” and you’ll come away with an encyclopedia of knowledge in the basics of handheld UFH radios. “Best” can mean different things to different users, so we’ll talk about the top business requirements for handheld UHF radios. Whether you’re looking for a radio that’s compact, lightweight and inexpensive, a military-grade two-way radio that can withstand the weather and extreme temperatures or a walkie-talkie radio that has all the latest features and maximum flexibility, there are high-quality radios that will meet and exceed your expectations. Take a few minutes to read our Best UHF Radio Guide and discover the best handheld UHF radio for various requirements.

Best Compact and Lightweight UHF Two-Way Radios

For discreet use and comfortable to wear all day (or all night) long, there’s the Motorola CLP1010. Weighing just 2.38 ounces and measuring a sleek 3.5 by 2.0 by .75 inches, this compact two-way radio packs a lot of punch for its economical price. The single-channel, 1-watt radio has an outdoor range of 100,000 square feet and an indoor range of up to 10 floors. It also can be used with a repeater for extended range of 250,000 square feet outdoors and up to 20 floors indoors. The Motorola CLP1040 is the next model up with 4 channels, and the Motorola CLP1060 has 6 channels, ideal for larger companies with multiple groups of personnel. The Kenwood PKT-23 is their most compact model, weighing just 3.9 ounces and measuring 1.8 by 3.3 by .8 inches. This lightweight and powerful UHF radio has 4 channels and 1.5 watts, with a range of 5 miles outdoors and up to 17 floors indoors.

Best UHF Walkie-Talkie Radios with the Greatest Range

If you’re looking for a UHF radio with the greatest range, consider the Motorola’s robust RDU models. The Motorola RDU4100 provides 4 watts of power and 10 channels, with an outdoor range of 350,000 square feet and an indoor range of 30 floors. Built to military specifications, it meets stringent MIL-STD 810 and IP-54/55 standards for resistance to water, dust, shock, vibration and extreme temperatures. The Motorola RDU4160D has the same features as the 4100, but gives you 16 channels and a removable antenna. The Kenwood TK-3402U16P, with its 5 watts of power, offers the greatest range of their TK models. It can transmit up to 7 miles outdoors and 33 floors indoors. This premium UHF radio has 16 channels, a removable antenna, built-in VOX, channel scan technology and is designed to MIL-STD 810 and IP54/55 standards for maximum durability.

Most Rugged and Durable Handheld UHF Radios

When shopping for a handheld UHF radio that’s resistant to water, dust, vibration, shock and temperature extremes, as mentioned above, you’ll want to choose a radio that’s compliant with MIL-STD 810 and IP54/55. In addition to the two-way radios mentioned above, the Kenwood TK-3400U4P and Kenwood TK-3400U16P have been rigorously tested to meet these exacting requirements.

Best Business UHF Radios with the Most Advanced Features

The top-of-the-line radios from Kenwood and Motorola for having the longest range and greatest durability are also the models with the most advanced features. From Motorola, the RDU4160D features 3 voice inversion scramble settings to improve privacy, advanced voice activation, Customer Programming Software (CPS) and 213 privacy codes. It is also compatible with the Ritron Jobcom base station for increased coverage beyond its standard 350,000 square feet and 30 floors. The Kenwood TK-3402U16P has built-in VOX, channel scan and voice annunciation technology, wireless cloning, privacy codes and the ability to lock user controls to prevent accidental channel changes.

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Older product – DTR Radios

Achieve Unparalleled Efficiency with Motorola Digital DTR Radios for Business

Harness the power of digital radio technology to advance your organization. With a relatively small investment and a few minutes of your time, you can significantly boost your business profits and get your workforce operating like a well-lubricated machine. You’ll learn how Motorola DTR Series digital business radios are far superior to VHF and UHF radios and how they combine the best features of two-way radios and cell phones for clear, reliable and inexpensive internal communications.

Digital Radios Benefit Every Business

There isn’t a company in the world that wouldn’t benefit from powerful, reliable and affordable digital two-way radios for their internal communications. Whether it’s a construction supervisor needing to relate the latest job specifications quickly to his on-site crew, a restaurant server wanting to let their supervisor and the hostess know that a table is ready or a security guard having to alert the rest of his crew about a possible intruder, communication is critical for an organization to run smoothly. The advances made in two-way radio technology provide many advantages over traditional UHF and VHF radio systems

Digital Radios Versus Analog Radios

With digital two-way radios, you have the flexibility of communicating privately with a single person (as you would a cell phone), speaking to a particular group or addressing everyone who’s on a digital radio and within range. Analog radios don’t allow for private conversations, so this is a great advantage, combining the power of a walkie-talkie with the convenience of a cell phone. Unlike their analog counterparts, digital business radios offer a perfectly clear audio signal over the entire range of coverage, with no interference or static. Also, a digital radio does not require an FCC license to operate. This means that there are no licensing fees and no paperwork to fill out, which saves you both time and money. Digital radios have a wide range of coverage. The Motorola DTR410 model has an outdoor range of up to 300,000 square feet and an indoor range of 25 floors. The Motorola DTR550 can cover up to 350,000 square feet outside or 30 floors indoors, making them the perfect choice for keeping employees, supervisors and managers in constant communication.

Flexible Calling Options with Motorola Digital DTR Radios

Motorola’s DTR Series two-way radios have many advanced features that put them at the forefront of the digital radio industry. Your calling choices are:

1-to-1 Private Calling – Speak privately with a specific user, as you would on a traditional phone.

1-to-Many Group Calling – Communicate with a public group of DTR users who share the same group ID and channel.

1-to-Many Calling – Call a private group that you previously programmed. This lets you communicate with specific sets of DTR group members.

1-to-Many with Private Reply – This allows users to respond privately to the call initiator once the group transmission is complete.

Motorola DTR Series Radios Deliver with Special Features

Other features of the DTR radios include extended battery life of up to 19 hours and the ability to send preset or custom SMS text messages. The radio’s Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) gives you greater privacy with up to 500 license-free frequencies. The DTR digital radios have an extended battery life of up to 15 hours on a single charge.

Motorola’s Digital Radios – Made to Handle It All

The Motorola DTR digital radios meet rigorous Military Specifications 810 C, D, E and F for moisture, vibration, shock, dust and extreme temperatures. These are extremely durable digital radios that are built for harsh environments. They also meet Motorola’s requirements for long-lasting reliability, with a polycarbonate housing covered with rubber.

Take your company communications to the next level with Motorola DTR digital radios. They’ll quickly pay for themselves in terms of your team’s efficiency, enhanced security for personnel and property and customer satisfaction. Whether you need just a few radios or 100, Tech Wholesale offers the best pricing and free shipping. Their unsurpassed customer service and expertise makes them the most trusted source for your two-way business radios.

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The Many Uses of the Motorola RDU2020

With the most advanced voice activation and 3 sensitivity levels, the Motorola RDU2020 two-way radio allows the user to talk hands-free making this two-way radio the perfect choice when you need to communicate and complete important tasks at hand. With a UHF band, 2 watts, 2 channels and 89 business frequencies, the RDU2020 is an exceptional business two-way radio! The Motorola RDU2020 is an excellent two-way radio for a variety of different uses.


  • Retail Stores: The hustle and bustle of retail, especially during peak seasons could be extremely stressful and daunting. Keep in touch with the sales staff and backroom , with clarity and dependability with the Motorola RDU2020.
  • Medical Offices: In the busy medical field, communication is the key to successful treatment. Keep in touch with staff in the back while you handle your duties up front with the RDU2020.
  • Construction: A construction site can be spread out between different crews, but the need for communication is extremely important for success. Keep in touch between workers and foreman with the RDU2020.
  • Resorts and Hotels: Keep in touch with the entire staff of your resort with the Motorola RDU2020. With a range of 250,000 sq. ft or up to 20 floors, the RDU2020 is the perfect two-way radio for resorts and hotels.
  • Restaurants: A busy restaurant could be a nightmare for staff, but with constant and clear communication, your staff could keep everything under control and deliver quick and exceptional service.

Of course, the Motorola RDU2020 isn’t only limited to the above purposes! When it comes to the perfect two-way radio for any stressful business, the RDU2020 will deliver. Get the Motorola RDU2020 today at 

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The Many Uses of the Motorola CLS1110

The durability and dependability of the Motorola CLS1110 two-way radio makes it an exceptional purchase for many different applications. With a UHF band, 1-watt, 1 channel, and 56 business only frequencies, the CLS1110 covers an outdoor range of up to 5 miles, and 200,000 sq. ft indoors. You can feel confident in knowing your conversations are secure with 121 interference eliminator codes! Perfect for small businesses, the CLS1110 can easily be clipped to the belt for easy portability. The Motorola CLS1110 two-way radio is the perfect radio for, but not limited to:


  • Medical Offices: A medical office is a bustling and often overactive setting where constant communication is highly necessary. Keep in touch with reception staff, nurses, doctors and all employees of your office with crystal clear communication when you use the Motorola CLS1110
  • Event Planning: Event planning is often a stressful career, especially when it’s event day. Keep in touch with your crew, and get the job done quickly , efficiently and more importantly, correctly.
  • Retail: Communication between the floor and stock room is extremely important for busy retail stores. Keep your store organized and efficient with a Motorola CLS1110
  • Sports Teams: Whether professional or high school sports, the Motorola CLS1110 can help your team coordinate quickly and come up with the right plan of attack.

There are many ideal uses for the Motorola CLS1110. If you’re looking for a powerful and useful two-way radio, consider the Motorola CLS1110 at!

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Motorola CLP Walkie-Talkies


Streamline your image and your workflow with Motorola’s sleek and professional, powerhouse walkie-talkie, the new CLP series two-way radio.

Always moving toward the future with their clients’ industries in mind, Motorola asked restaurateurs, hospitality and retail professionals what they would want from their ‘dream walkie-talkie’. Motorola’s two-way radio designers listened and took notes in dialogue with managers and entry-level workers who use their walkie-talkies daily, to get down to the nitty gritty of what they really need from their on-site business radios. Being that restaurants, hotels and retail stores are all public-facing, customer service driven industries, they all said the same thing: we want style; easy, flexible wearability; and loud, clear audio in noisy environments.

Motorola’s CLP series walkie-talkies deliver everything on your wish list.

The Motorola CLP two-way radio clips just about anywhere using its newly designed magnetic clip or the old school belt-clip holster. Dress codes and uniforms vary widely in retail, restaurants and hotels, so your CLP walkie-talkie makes it easy to wear your radio to fit the way you work. Clip it to a lapel, a dress shirt pocket or wear it at your waist, the CLP’s sleek design attaches the radio securely to your person while making it look as if it’s magically suspended right where you want it.

Motorola’s trademark Push-to-talk button is large and textured, so you don’t even have to take your eyes off of what you’re doing to use it. Taking that a step further, CLP walkie-talkie features menus are voice driven with audio prompts that indicate radio status. If you do want to see it with your own eyes, Motorola makes that easy too. The color-coded status glow light, just above the PTT button, shows active channel, transmit and receive, scan and battery level in a mere glance. Managers will love how little training it takes to get new employees up to speed on the CLP walkie-talkie. Motorola knows restaurants, hotels, and retail stores are all fast-paced, high turnover industries. The simplicity of use built-in to the CLP series means, you save time and money on new employee orientation. Motorola’s CLP radios enable your new team members to jump right in and get to work.

The Motorola CLP walkie-talkie combines sleek curves and usability with no protruding antennas to get in the way or get caught on things. There’s no external speaker, so CLP walkie-talkies deliver the discretion and worry-free guest experience your business strives to provide. Who wants their business to sound like a crime scene? With the CLP series two-way radios all audio routes through the earpiece and mic that come with every CLP radio unit. Your customers are none the wiser as to what’s going on behind the scenes to meet their needs. All they see and hear is the can-do, professional image your business intends to convey.

What you hear is the message your team members intend to communicate. Crowded hotel lobbies, busy restaurants, your store on Black Friday can get intense. Your walkie-talkie needs to deliver your messages amidst the din of your thriving business. Motorola’s two-way radio sound engineers heard that message loud and clear when they sat down with professionals in the service industries. So, they want back to the lab and came back with a small, stylish polycarbonate housed radio that filters out background noise to transmit and receive crystal clear audio. The Motorola CLP’s 16 adjustable volume settings let you choose how loud you like it. Adjustable audio through an earpiece speaker keeps your team connected and productive and your business communications private.

In addition to its good looks and superior sound quality, the CLP walkie-talkie’s outer shell comes with anti-microbial protection that prohibits the growth of viruses and bacteria on the radio unit*. Not that you would want to, but your Motorola CLP two-way radios are built to take a beating. They’re built to military specifications even (Mil Spec 810 C, D, E, F, G). Because sometimes the hectic pace of customer service work feels almost like a war-zone. Things drop and there is dirt.

Hard to break, but easy to program, CLP two-way radios offer two flexible ways to interact with your business radios. Voice assisted menus walk you through set-up and use via audio prompts. Or, if you prefer, Motorola provides free downloadable software that lets you configure your walkie-talkies to your liking (Customer Programming Software, CPS). Attach a cloning cable or use a multi-unit charger and your walkie-talkie settings duplicate across your whole fleet of radios. Programming made simple, you can DIY it or we at Techwholesale welcome your two-way radio configuration questions. We’re always happy to help!

So let’s talk tech! Motorola’s CLP two-way radios cover a lot of ground — up to 100,000 sq. ft of it actually. When you need more, or your business’ terrain contains dead spots, you can easily add in two-way radio repeaters to increase your coverage area. CLP walkie-talkies operate on 99 UHF business exclusive frequencies. 219 interference elimination codes work to provide confidential and chatter free communication via a diverse assortment of PL and DPL codes (39 standard + 6 custom PL codes; 84 standard + 84 inverted + 6 custom DPL codes).

Some Motorola CLP series walkie-talkies allow users to monitor radio activity using a scan feature (applies to multi-channel two-way radio units). Conversations happen faster and are more efficient, enabling managers and employees to increase question and request response time. Faster responses mean your customers leave your business smiling and satisfied with plans to return soon.

All Motorola CLP radios put out up to 1-Watt of power with selectable options for high and low settings available via your free customer programming software. Lower power usage means longer battery duration per shift. The Motorola CLP series walkie-talkies come standard with Lithium-ion battery smart technology for 9-12 hours on a single charge. If your team works longer hours, you might want to consider the High Capacity battery for up to 14 hours of two-way radio communication per charge. Naturally, we’ll send a stand-up, single unit charger with each walkie-talkie you purchase. An added bonus to the multi-unit charger, besides cloning capability, is the organizational edge that comes with charging your walkie-talkies all in one spot. A multi-unit charger keeps ‘em from going walkabout and includes a little back pocket to store that unit’s earpiece/mic, so no one’s hunting around for their walkie-talkie or earpiece and mic. Your accountant will stop giving you the evil eye when you’re not having to replace lost walkie-talkies all the time. offers two models to help you improve your business’ bottom line by boosting your reputation for fast and friendly customer service. The CLP1010 and the CLP1040. There’s really only one difference between these two two-way radio models. The CLP 1010 is a single channel walkie-talkie; whereas, the CLP 1040 utilizes 4 channels. So if you run a small crew and don’t have a need to divide out your communications into different people or groups on separate channels, you’ll save money buying the CLP 1010, as it’s priced a bit lower than the CLP1040.

If you run a larger crew or your business would benefit from the fewer distractions native to separate channel communication for people or groups with different tasks, then you’ll want more channels than the CLP1010’s single channel. With the 4 channels you get from the CLP 1040, you have the option to allocate different channels to different user groups. For instance, if you run a restaurant, you can put your kitchen on channel 1, your wait staff on channel 2, your seaters on channel 3 and have your manager answer questions and concerns on channel 4. In this scenario, the kitchen doesn’t have to stop to filter out wait staff conversations that don’t apply to them, but the wait staff can always call them on their channel to tell them to hold the mayo. Different strokes for different folks.

Motorola’s CLP series two-way radios are a boon to every business. Their sleek style, flexible wearability and 16 level adjustable, audio technology – literally – were made for your business. Designed in tandem with professionals from all corners of the retail, restaurant and hospitality industries, Motorola delivers the professional image and high performance your business deserves.

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Motorola DTR Walkie-Talkies

Get the crystal clarity, portability and data dexterity of a cellular phone — minus the minutes! With a Motorola DTR series digital two-way radio there are no flaky service tower signals, no monthly bills, no per-minute charges. Plus the DTR seers operates on the eXRS 900 Mhz band, which means there’s no FCC license required, so no fee! Communication on the job just got a whole lot cheaper!

To stay on top, competitive companies need to keep costs down and customer satisfaction up. Cost effective on-site communication is key: whether you work in manufacturing, retail or a service industry; productivity means business. Motorola’s DTR series walkie-talkies increase job site coverage by 40%*. In real time, that means your employees transmit your business goals across 325,000 sq.ft. and up to 30 floors**. Motorola’s DTR series two-way radios do the legwork, so your employees can attend to the business at hand.

Convenient Calling Features and Data Transmission

The DTR digital difference also provides cell phone/radio hybrid features like One-to-One and One-to-Many calling. Digital One-to-One calling offers the convenience of a cell phone in that each radio has an 11-digit ID that allows one radio to ‘call’ another individual radio’s 11-digit ID. The Caller ID feature shows the ID of the radio that’s calling (or the radio’s name, if you use the optional mini-keyboard to program contact names). Call Forwarding lets you forward your calls to another radio’s ID.

Digital One-to-Many calling is an old school radio transmission with a digital twist. One radio can transmit to your entire DTR series fleet. Or, depending on the model you choose, you can simultaneously communicate with between 15 and 25 customizable sub-groups (out of up to 25 programmable public groups in a potential 150 person shared/private contact list). So when Fred the Foreman needs to talk to John on the loading dock or when Jennifer the GM needs to meet with everyone from Maintenance, and only maintenance; productivity flows from just one call.

The convenience of the Motorola DTR series data storage and transmission features lets you scroll through lists of your most frequently used ID’s and groups and your most recent calls. When discretion or a rush requires, you can send individuals or groups an SMS text message using preset options like “I’ll call you back in 5 minutes”. Or you can create, store and send your own messages using an optional mini-keyboard. Data cloning via cloning cable programs all of your radios with just the minimal effort of attaching the cable.
With digital, it makes no difference if you’re on the fringe or the forefront of your walkie-talkie’s range. All of your communications come through loud and clear. They’re also private.

Evade Eavesdroppers

Motorola DTR series two-way radios use a snoop-proof technology called the Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS). Co-invented by one of the great Hollywood beauties of the 1940’s actress Heddy Lamarr, FHSS was first patented during World War II as a countermeasure to protect radar, beacons, navigation and communications from enemy discovery. FHSS now boasts years of service in military communications for its low probability of intercept and anti-jam features. Low power usage and ability to share crowded bandwidth without producing interference pushed FHSS into commercial markets.

FHSS protects your privacy by mixing your information with pseudo noise codes in a low power transmission over a bandwidth that is likely a 100 times wider than that needed for your information stream. Spreading signal across such a wide band renders the signal indistinguishable to wannabe listeners from other RF noise (Gaussian Noise, in technical terms). To further foil eavesdroppers, both your information and the pseudo noise codes hop from frequency to frequency. Except for about a 1 in 10 billion chance, only the designated receiver and transmitter know or can decode this sequence and reassemble your information. The odds are always in your favor when you use a offers two great models: Motorola DTR series radio to discuss confidential matters like the transfer of last night’s register or the arrival of a shipment or a VIP.

Motorola’s DTR Series offers two great models: DTR 410 and DTR 550. Both share the common attributes of the Motorola DTR series such as digital data, privacy and clarity meet military standards for durability and reliability (US Military Specficiations 810 C, D, E, F). Both operate for approximately 14.5 hours using the standard battery on the same 3-hour charge. Neither requires an FCC license. Their differences lie in range, price and a few user-friendly features.

DTR 410, the lower priced model, may be programmed using Motorola’s free for download software that supports front panel programming. The DTR 410,may be monitored or disabled remotely and transmits and receives data and time updates over the air. It reaches members of its potential 100 unit (private/group) contact list over a range of 300,000 sq.ft. and up to 25 floors*. Up to 10 of its potential 25 public groups may scan the same channel at once. While the DTR 410, does offer private calling, it doesn’t support private groups.

DTR 550 supports private calling, 10 private groups and 20 public groups in its 150 unit contact list. Up to 5 groups may scan a channel simultaneously. The DTR 550 may be monitored, disabled or receive date and time updates remotely, but does not initiate remote controlling. The DTR 550 carries a range of 325,000 sq. ft. and up to 30 floors*.

Accessories Make Your Radio, Yours

Both models in Motorola’s Digital Two-Way Radio series offer a host of features and accessories to make your business run leaner, faster and smarter. Your employees will love the way they can wear their radios in sync with the way they work using a full range of diversely configured accessories like ear pieces with in-line mics, shoulder mics, clip-on mics; headsets and earbuds. Clip ‘em to a belt, holster ‘em cowboy style or just shove ‘em in a bag they’re always at the ready. Audio and vibration alerts for calls, alarms and reminders signal when there’s business at hand. Employees can charge them at their desks or managers can drop them all in a multi-unit charger that helps clone and keep track of each radio.

You can’t beat the performance of the digital difference for the trifecta of privacy, clarity and performance. For a full listing of attributes, bells and whistles on the DTR 410 and DTR 550 and great prices with free shipping check out’s business radio offerings.

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