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Achieve Unparalleled Efficiency with Motorola Digital DTR Radios for Business

Harness the power of digital radio technology to advance your organization. With a relatively small investment and a few minutes of your time, you can significantly boost your business profits and get your workforce operating like a well-lubricated machine. You’ll learn how Motorola DTR Series digital business radios are far superior to VHF and UHF radios and how they combine the best features of two-way radios and cell phones for clear, reliable and inexpensive internal communications.

Digital Radios Benefit Every Business

There isn’t a company in the world that wouldn’t benefit from powerful, reliable and affordable digital two-way radios for their internal communications. Whether it’s a construction supervisor needing to relate the latest job specifications quickly to his on-site crew, a restaurant server wanting to let their supervisor and the hostess know that a table is ready or a security guard having to alert the rest of his crew about a possible intruder, communication is critical for an organization to run smoothly. The advances made in two-way radio technology provide many advantages over traditional UHF and VHF radio systems

Digital Radios Versus Analog Radios

With digital two-way radios, you have the flexibility of communicating privately with a single person (as you would a cell phone), speaking to a particular group or addressing everyone who’s on a digital radio and within range. Analog radios don’t allow for private conversations, so this is a great advantage, combining the power of a walkie-talkie with the convenience of a cell phone. Unlike their analog counterparts, digital business radios offer a perfectly clear audio signal over the entire range of coverage, with no interference or static. Also, a digital radio does not require an FCC license to operate. This means that there are no licensing fees and no paperwork to fill out, which saves you both time and money. Digital radios have a wide range of coverage. The Motorola DTR410 model has an outdoor range of up to 300,000 square feet and an indoor range of 25 floors. The Motorola DTR550 can cover up to 350,000 square feet outside or 30 floors indoors, making them the perfect choice for keeping employees, supervisors and managers in constant communication.

Flexible Calling Options with Motorola Digital DTR Radios

Motorola’s DTR Series two-way radios have many advanced features that put them at the forefront of the digital radio industry. Your calling choices are:

1-to-1 Private Calling – Speak privately with a specific user, as you would on a traditional phone.

1-to-Many Group Calling – Communicate with a public group of DTR users who share the same group ID and channel.

1-to-Many Calling – Call a private group that you previously programmed. This lets you communicate with specific sets of DTR group members.

1-to-Many with Private Reply – This allows users to respond privately to the call initiator once the group transmission is complete.

Motorola DTR Series Radios Deliver with Special Features

Other features of the DTR radios include extended battery life of up to 19 hours and the ability to send preset or custom SMS text messages. The radio’s Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) gives you greater privacy with up to 500 license-free frequencies. The DTR digital radios have an extended battery life of up to 15 hours on a single charge.

Motorola’s Digital Radios – Made to Handle It All

The Motorola DTR digital radios meet rigorous Military Specifications 810 C, D, E and F for moisture, vibration, shock, dust and extreme temperatures. These are extremely durable digital radios that are built for harsh environments. They also meet Motorola’s requirements for long-lasting reliability, with a polycarbonate housing covered with rubber.

Take your company communications to the next level with Motorola DTR digital radios. They’ll quickly pay for themselves in terms of your team’s efficiency, enhanced security for personnel and property and customer satisfaction. Whether you need just a few radios or 100, Tech Wholesale offers the best pricing and free shipping. Their unsurpassed customer service and expertise makes them the most trusted source for your two-way business radios.

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Motorola DTR Walkie-Talkies

Get the crystal clarity, portability and data dexterity of a cellular phone — minus the minutes! With a Motorola DTR series digital two-way radio there are no flaky service tower signals, no monthly bills, no per-minute charges. Plus the DTR seers operates on the eXRS 900 Mhz band, which means there’s no FCC license required, so no fee! Communication on the job just got a whole lot cheaper!

To stay on top, competitive companies need to keep costs down and customer satisfaction up. Cost effective on-site communication is key: whether you work in manufacturing, retail or a service industry; productivity means business. Motorola’s DTR series walkie-talkies increase job site coverage by 40%*. In real time, that means your employees transmit your business goals across 325,000 sq.ft. and up to 30 floors**. Motorola’s DTR series two-way radios do the legwork, so your employees can attend to the business at hand.

Convenient Calling Features and Data Transmission

The DTR digital difference also provides cell phone/radio hybrid features like One-to-One and One-to-Many calling. Digital One-to-One calling offers the convenience of a cell phone in that each radio has an 11-digit ID that allows one radio to ‘call’ another individual radio’s 11-digit ID. The Caller ID feature shows the ID of the radio that’s calling (or the radio’s name, if you use the optional mini-keyboard to program contact names). Call Forwarding lets you forward your calls to another radio’s ID.

Digital One-to-Many calling is an old school radio transmission with a digital twist. One radio can transmit to your entire DTR series fleet. Or, depending on the model you choose, you can simultaneously communicate with between 15 and 25 customizable sub-groups (out of up to 25 programmable public groups in a potential 150 person shared/private contact list). So when Fred the Foreman needs to talk to John on the loading dock or when Jennifer the GM needs to meet with everyone from Maintenance, and only maintenance; productivity flows from just one call.

The convenience of the Motorola DTR series data storage and transmission features lets you scroll through lists of your most frequently used ID’s and groups and your most recent calls. When discretion or a rush requires, you can send individuals or groups an SMS text message using preset options like “I’ll call you back in 5 minutes”. Or you can create, store and send your own messages using an optional mini-keyboard. Data cloning via cloning cable programs all of your radios with just the minimal effort of attaching the cable.
With digital, it makes no difference if you’re on the fringe or the forefront of your walkie-talkie’s range. All of your communications come through loud and clear. They’re also private.

Evade Eavesdroppers

Motorola DTR series two-way radios use a snoop-proof technology called the Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS). Co-invented by one of the great Hollywood beauties of the 1940’s actress Heddy Lamarr, FHSS was first patented during World War II as a countermeasure to protect radar, beacons, navigation and communications from enemy discovery. FHSS now boasts years of service in military communications for its low probability of intercept and anti-jam features. Low power usage and ability to share crowded bandwidth without producing interference pushed FHSS into commercial markets.

FHSS protects your privacy by mixing your information with pseudo noise codes in a low power transmission over a bandwidth that is likely a 100 times wider than that needed for your information stream. Spreading signal across such a wide band renders the signal indistinguishable to wannabe listeners from other RF noise (Gaussian Noise, in technical terms). To further foil eavesdroppers, both your information and the pseudo noise codes hop from frequency to frequency. Except for about a 1 in 10 billion chance, only the designated receiver and transmitter know or can decode this sequence and reassemble your information. The odds are always in your favor when you use a offers two great models: Motorola DTR series radio to discuss confidential matters like the transfer of last night’s register or the arrival of a shipment or a VIP.

Motorola’s DTR Series offers two great models: DTR 410 and DTR 550. Both share the common attributes of the Motorola DTR series such as digital data, privacy and clarity meet military standards for durability and reliability (US Military Specficiations 810 C, D, E, F). Both operate for approximately 14.5 hours using the standard battery on the same 3-hour charge. Neither requires an FCC license. Their differences lie in range, price and a few user-friendly features.

DTR 410, the lower priced model, may be programmed using Motorola’s free for download software that supports front panel programming. The DTR 410,may be monitored or disabled remotely and transmits and receives data and time updates over the air. It reaches members of its potential 100 unit (private/group) contact list over a range of 300,000 sq.ft. and up to 25 floors*. Up to 10 of its potential 25 public groups may scan the same channel at once. While the DTR 410, does offer private calling, it doesn’t support private groups.

DTR 550 supports private calling, 10 private groups and 20 public groups in its 150 unit contact list. Up to 5 groups may scan a channel simultaneously. The DTR 550 may be monitored, disabled or receive date and time updates remotely, but does not initiate remote controlling. The DTR 550 carries a range of 325,000 sq. ft. and up to 30 floors*.

Accessories Make Your Radio, Yours

Both models in Motorola’s Digital Two-Way Radio series offer a host of features and accessories to make your business run leaner, faster and smarter. Your employees will love the way they can wear their radios in sync with the way they work using a full range of diversely configured accessories like ear pieces with in-line mics, shoulder mics, clip-on mics; headsets and earbuds. Clip ‘em to a belt, holster ‘em cowboy style or just shove ‘em in a bag they’re always at the ready. Audio and vibration alerts for calls, alarms and reminders signal when there’s business at hand. Employees can charge them at their desks or managers can drop them all in a multi-unit charger that helps clone and keep track of each radio.

You can’t beat the performance of the digital difference for the trifecta of privacy, clarity and performance. For a full listing of attributes, bells and whistles on the DTR 410 and DTR 550 and great prices with free shipping check out’s business radio offerings.

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