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The Best Two Way Radios for Business

This concise article will tell you what you need to know to choose the best two-way radio for business use. A small investment in your company’s internal communications will pay for itself in a few short months in terms of productivity, satisfied customers and repeat business.

The key considerations are indoor versus outdoor use, size versus power, durability, advanced features and maximizing signal range. Every business has its unique requirements and challenges, so we’ll discuss the best business radios for different types of businesses.

Indoors, Outdoors or Both?

If your business is conducted exclusively outdoors, such as an outdoor maintenance crew, farm supervisors or stadium security, a VHF radio will give you the greatest signal range over a large outdoor area that is free of obstructions. Kenwood’s TK-2400V4P, TK-2400V16P and TK-2402V16P models are extremely efficient outdoor radios built for heavy duty use in harsh conditions. They have a range of up to 6 or 7 miles, and they’re built to rigorous military standards to withstand dust, water, temperature extremes, shock and vibration.

If your company operates indoors, such as in a multi-floor office building, restaurant, hospital, hotel, warehouse or shopping mall, choose UHF radios. UHF radio waves can carry between rooms and penetrate steel, concrete and wood structures. They’re also the best choice high performance indoors and outdoors. Some top performing UHF radios with plenty of power include Motorola’s RDU series, which has 4 watts and up to 16 channels. These radios have an indoor range of up to 350,000 square feet.

Size Versus Power – and Can You Have Both?

Bigger isn’t always better. That’s especially true for a hotel, restaurant, hospital or professional offices needing to equip their workers and security detail with two-way radios. Sometimes what you want it a compact walkie-talkie that’s comfortable to wear for people who are constantly moving. You might also not want to attract attention to the unit, if the person is regularly interfacing with the public. Motorola offers their CLS Series and CLP Series radios, which are extremely lightweight and compact. The CLP radios can be used with a repeater, which lets you increase the radio’s range up to 20 floors indoors. This is an excellent option for businesses that need compact radios but don’t want to give up power. Another option for small and powerful two-way radios is to go digital. Motorola’s DLR Series radios are small and lightweight, yet they have a range of up to 20 floors. These digital radios do not require an FCC license to operate, which is a big cost savings for businesses. Additionally, they provide the flexibility to speak to groups of people or have personal conversations as with a cell phone.

Advanced Features for Business Efficiency

Other features to look for in a perfect business radio is the ability to clone radio settings between units, long battery life, customer programmable software and exclusive business frequencies. Having special business frequencies is important, as this will give you a clearer signal with less interference. Certain models, such as the Motorola RDU4160D, can be used with a repeater, letting you expand the already impressive signal range. This model also includes privacy codes which enhances security for confidential business communications.

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Two-Way Radio Rebates

Save a lot of money and boost your company’s profits by taking the time to learn about two-way radio rebates. You might think that a next generation two-way radio system is beyond your organization’s means, but top radio manufacturers regularly offer very attractive radio rebates that can significantly lower the cost.

Leading manufacturers frequently offer walkie-talkie rebates so you can affordably trade up to their latest model. If you’re considering an upgrade to your organization’s internal communications system, first check the manufacturer’s website for your current model to see if they have a rebate offer. Motorola and Kenmore are the two leaders in two-way radio technology, and both companies are always making improvements on their products, offering the latest technology such as digital radios.

An example of one such rebate would be a special sale price on a particular model when you buy 10 units, and additional savings if you trade in previous eligible models. These offers tend to be for a very limited time, so you should check their company websites often.

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Transform the Workplace with Clip-On Compact Digital Two-Way Radios from Rollts

Take a few minutes to learn how you can empower your team and enhance productivity with the smallest digital two-way radio system ever invented! The Rollts S1 and Rollts E1 wearable digital walkie-talkies, first introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show CES2016, take business communications to the next level. They offer license-free 900 MHz transmission, full-duplex capability, clear digital signals, extremely compact sizes, AES-256 encryption and FHSS frequency-hopping for optimal security and enhanced battery life.

Rollts digital radios are unique. They’re the first sub-compact two-way radios in the next generation of wireless communication devices. Their advanced features put them in a separate class from larger top-of-the-line radios currently on the market.

900 MHz License-Free Digital Radios for Clear Communications
The Rollts digital radios operate at the 900 MHz frequency range, giving you key advantages over analog systems. Digital transmissions provide crystal clear signals over the entire range of your device. For the Rollts digital radios, that’s approximately 1.5 miles. You won’t experience any weakening of communications as you get to the edge of the radio’s reach. This frequency is extremely reliable. It saves both time and money when instructions are clearly and correctly heard. The full-duplex capability allows for simultaneous two-way multiple-party calls. In this mode, it operates like a cell phone. Another big plus, especially for smaller organizations on a tight budget, is that you do not need to purchase an FCC license to operate a 900 MHz digital radio.

Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) and AES-256 Encryption for Optimal Security
For organizations and companies that demand secure, private communications, a Rollts wearable digital walkie-talkie is ideal. In addition to using the more secure digital frequency, the radio has advanced AES-256 encryption and frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology (FHSS). Established by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in 2001, AES encryption has been adopted by the U.S. government and is widely used around the world. Frequency-hopping is repeated switching of frequencies during transmission that prevents interception and interference. This powerful combination gives you optimal security and the clearest signal possible for sensitive business communications. This higher level of privacy is essential for legal firms, law enforcement, emergency responders, security personnel, hospital staff and others in medical fields.

The Rollts Digital Radio: The Smallest Digital Walkie-Talkie Ever
Available in 2 sizes, the Rollts two-way radio won’t take up much space on a business suit or uniform. The E1 is the earbud model, sized 56 by 32 by 8.5 millimeters (approximately 2.2 by 1.26 by .33 inches). The S1 includes an external speaker and is 39 by 77 by 13 millimeters (approximately 1.53 by 3.03 by .51 inches). Both models are also extremely light. The E1 weighs just .51 ounces (16 grams) and the S1 weighs 1.34 ounces (38 grams). Both can be easily clipped to a shirt pocket, lapel, belt or lanyard for maximum mobility. These tiny two-way radios are ideal for workers in service industries such as wait staff, front desk receptionists, hotel workers and retail clerks. The units are barely noticeable and won’t interfere with public-facing work. The Rollts is the smallest and lightest hands-free digital radio ever invented.

Unsurpassed Power in a Compact Walkie-Talkie
Rollts, a global leader when it comes to innovation, uses the latest communications technology and low-power control design technology to greatly extend battery life. The E1 gives you 240 hours of stand-by time and 32 hours of talk time. The S1 provides 1,000 hours of stand-by time and 120 hours of talk time (at 1.24 miles or 2 kilometers) or 75 hours of talk time (at 1.86 miles or 3 kilometers). With a whopping 75 hours of talk time, the radio doesn’t have to be charged for 3 days!

A Robust Two-Way Radio That Connects and Empowers
There are other features that set this digital radio apart from its competition. Though the Rollts E1 and S1 models are designed for short-range radio, you can broaden that range by using Cisco’s InstantConnect to plug it into your company’s WIFI network. Doing so connects all radio push-to-talk (PTT) users with the rest of the company, regardless of what type of device they’re using (computers, tablets, smart phones, etc.). As a full duplex digital walkie-talkie, you can talk to teams of people at one time, or you can set up channels for various groups such as departments, workgroups, maintenance teams, security teams or upper level management. There are up to 50 channels available.

Take your company to the future with the smallest and sleekest digital walkie-talkie available today!

Rollts Radio E1
Earbud model
2 kilometer (1.24 mile) range
size: 56 x 32 x 8.5 mm (approx. 2.2 x 1.26 x .33 inches)
weight: 16 grams (.56 ounces)
Full duplex; half duplex
Stand-by time: 240 hours
Talk time: 32 hours
AES-256 encryption, frequency-hopping (FHSS)

Rollts Radio S1
Speaker model
3 kilometer (1.86 mile) range
size: size: 39 x 77 x 13 mm (approx. 1.53 x 3.03 x .51 inches)
weight: 38 grams (1.34 ounces)
Full duplex; half duplex
Stand-by time: 1000 hours
Talk time: 120 hours (at 2 km); 75 hours (at 3 km)
AES-256 encryption, frequency-hopping (FHSS)

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Why Two-Way Radios are a Plow Driver’s Best Friend

Plow through that blizzard with confidence, comfort and security! Learn why two-way radios are the most valuable tool (aside from their plow) for the nation’s steadfast and dedicated plow drivers. It’s a lonely job, out there in a terrible storm, trying to keep the roads cleared for emergency vehicles, doctors, nurses, firemen, police and other key workers. Plow drivers often work alone in extremely hazardous conditions, so any precautions they can take to stay connected to fellow drivers and their company’s dispatcher can not only make the job far more comfortable, but also a great deal safer.

Two-Way Radios are Reliable Even in Whiteout Conditions
An advantage that two-way radios have over cell phones is that they are typically built to be extremely durable. Certain models are even designed to meet rigorous military and IP54/55 specifications. This ensures that the radio can withstand extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, dust and moisture. The IP54/55 rating also makes them resistant to jets of water! Having a nearly indestructible walkie-talkie in the plow truck provides a communication system a driver can count on, no matter what Mother Nature throws at them, and it also goes a long way toward delivering peace of mind.

NOAA Weather Channels
Many two-way radio models have built-in NOAA weather channels. For personal users on a camping, hiking or skiing trip, having advance notice of a storm or some other emergency situation is extremely valuable. For a plow driver, this kind of information is essential. With it, they can know when a new storm system is coming in, or if there has been a natural or man-made disaster nearby.

Instant Communication and Immediate News Updates
Having a high performance radio allows dispatchers stationed in the main office to alert a plow driver to emergency conditions, closed roads and other hazards that can directly impact their job. The person in charge of dispatching drivers to certain parts of town can alert them to schedule changes and updates to a local weather forecast. The drivers can also use their two-way radios to communicate with each other. This is very useful in situations where they need to call in backup to help with a particularly difficult job. All this helps to make the driver’s work easier and more comfortable.

Always a Button Away from Help
With a walkie-talkie system, a plow driver is just a “push-to-talk” button away from calling for assistance in the event of a personal emergency. Whether they’re involved in a traffic accident, have been stopped in their tracks by a broken-down vehicle or have a medical emergency, help can arrive to their location quickly. It is far better if they can immediately speak to someone at the office without having to dial a number on a cell phone and wait for a response. Digital two-way radios include GPS capability, which allows the driver to be easily located.

For all that the plow drivers do for their town and community, helping residents get out of their homes by giving them clear, sanded roadways, they deserve to have peace of mind while working through a long, cold and snowy night. With the challenging job of keeping the roads and highways clear, every detail becomes very important, such as the feeling of security to know that someone at the company is always easily reachable. When a friendly and helpful voice is just a button push away, a reliable two-way radio really is a plow driver’s best friend.

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How to Improve Building and On-Site Security with Two-Way Radios

Handle unexpected events quickly and efficiently with a robust two-way radio system. Whether you’re responsible for a high-security office building, a city hospital, a sports stadium or a movie theater, security is of paramount importance, and high performance walkie-talkies can keep personnel and security details informed and ready to act at a moment’s notice.

Two-Way Radio Systems for Building Security
Powerful walkie-talkies that operate at 4 or 5 watts can have coverage of up to 350,000 square feet outdoors and up to 30 floors indoors. Using a base station with an external antenna or a repeater can extend the range even further. Security-enhancing features of two-way radio systems include compact, lightweight units with earpieces that can be used to communicate discretely in public buildings such as restaurants, schools, office complexes and hospitals. A two-way radio system allows managers and supervisors to quickly notify particular groups of workers or the entire team at once, for fast and efficient handling of any type of situation. Features such as voice-inversion scramble settings keep conversations private.

Security Digital Radios – Flexibility and Power
The new generation of digital radios gives even greater flexibility to react quickly to any suspicious activity. A 1-watt digital radio has the power of a 4-watt radio for increased signal range and increased energy efficiency for more than 14 hours of continuous call time on a single charge. Certain models are built to military specifications, making them resistant to water, dust, vibration and shock, adding to their reliability at critical times. With cell phone features like caller ID and text messaging, multiple channels and the ability to speak to individuals as well as specific groups or the entire team, they’re ideal as security radios.

Two-Way Radio Security for Offices, Theaters, Hospitals, Stadiums and Schools
Many types of businesses and organizations can improve their security and significantly reduce their emergency response time by using two-way radios. In high-security office buildings with multiple floors, powerful walkie-talkie systems can keep security guards and night patrolmen on the higher floors in touch with the property manager and front desk in the lobby at all times for fast action in the event of any suspicious activity or building emergencies. Movie theaters, multiplex theaters and family entertainment centers can keep their facilities secure by outfitting security personnel, managers and other employees with discrete two-way radios. Hotels can also benefit from the compact design of two-way radios for security, since they are able to alert and summon security staff immediately without alarming guests. Any disturbances can be handled quickly and quietly. A side benefit of having a radio security system is the possibility of lowered insurance premiums.

Hospitals must also be vigilant about security matters and other potential threats, for the safety of patients, doctors, nurses, administrators and other personnel. A radio system keeps everyone always connected and it stays operational even in an emergency situation when cell phone coverage might be compromised. It also allows them to be patched into other agencies such as the police, the fire department and other emergency crews. Two-way walkie-talkie units are critical to secure schools and college campuses that might be spread out over a large area. Advanced features of today’s two-way radio systems include increased range and capacity, integrated applications such as location tracking and dispatch, improved voice quality and extended battery life. Equipping security personnel, teachers, staff, principals, custodians, maintenance crews, bus office drivers and even crossing guards helps to head off potential threats, from classrooms and school bus stops to crowded campus sports games. A radio security system keeps everyone informed and easily maintains heightened security for the safety and peace of mind of students, faculty and staff members.

Other businesses and facilities that can benefit from a two-way radio system for security include bars and restaurants, stadiums, race tracks, amusement parks and special event coordinators at festivals.

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Choosing the Right Two-Way Radio for your Business

In just three minutes, you can learn everything you need to know about choosing the best two-way radio for your business. We wrote this handy article so that readers like you can acquaint themselves on all of the key topics in a hurry. Selecting the best business radio system comes down to choosing the right solution for your specific business requirements, and there are several factors to consider. The right two-way radio for your business will help you revitalize your internal communications, leading to an increase in customer satisfaction, greater efficiency and higher profits.

UHF or VHF Two-Way Radio for Best Coverage Indoors or Outdoors
VHF radios are best suited for exclusive outdoor use, since the signal from a VHF radio travels farther with no obstructions. You’ll get peak performance and maximum range from VHF two-way radios when they’re used in open areas where there aren’t many buildings, outdoor structures, hills or dense forests. Those that benefit most from VHF walkie-talkie systems are marine and aviation industries, landscaping businesses, golf courses, agricultural workers and outdoor security personnel. UHF two-way radios are best for indoor use, when signals need to penetrate wood, concrete and steel structures. UHF radios are ideal for offices, retail stores, warehouses, hospitals, hotels and restaurants. They’re also the best choice if you need a business radio for both indoor and outdoor use.

Digital Two-Way Radios Offer Clear Communications and Wide Coverage
An alternative to a VHF or UHF two-way radio for business is a digital radio that operates on the 900MHz band. This advanced technology can give you the same power and reach of a 4-watt analog radio with just 1 watt. The signal from a digital radio, without the analog static, is much clearer. There is increased privacy and it’s possible to call individual users or small groups, in addition to transmitting to the entire team. As an added benefit, operating a digital walkie-talkie does not require an FCC license.

Business Two-Way Radios vs Family Two-Way Radios
Business walkie-talkie units are designed differently from those intended for personal use. They feature business-exclusive frequencies and some have customizable codes that eliminate crosstalk from other walkie-talkies operating nearby. They also give businesses an added layer of security for their internal communications. They’re built to be more durable and have higher wattages and more advanced features like easy cloning of settings, customizable channels and programming software. Certain models allow you to expand the range even further by being compatible with a repeater.

Higher Wattage for Wider Coverage vs Compact Unit
While a 4- or 5-watt two-way radio with an integrated antenna could give you a range of up to 350,000 square feet or 30 floors, certain businesses don’t need that much power, but they require more compact units. In those cases, a small lightweight and discreet two-way radio is preferred. For retail clerks, waiter and waitresses, hotel front desk workers and others who interact with the public, a business walkie-talkie that can be discretely worn on a uniform is the best choice. What you give up in terms of wattage, you gain in lightweight, compact design. These types of radios are designed to be comfortably worn on belt holsters all day long without interfering with the employee’s daily work. They also feature voice-activated operation and are compatible with low-profile headsets for maximum portability.

Durable Outdoor Military Spec Two-Way Radios for Harsh Conditions
Many high-end business radios are designed to meet military specifications MIL-STD 810. These radios are built to withstand harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures, rain, humidity, vibration and shock. Look for this feature if you’ll be using the two-way radio in an outdoor or damp environment, on a factory floor with heavy machinery or in a dusty maintenance shop.

Multiple Channels for Several Departments or Groups of Users
If your company has several different departments or various groups of employees, select a two-way radio system that has multiple channels. This allows you to assign a channel for each department so that they can speak privately to others in their group or to the entire team.

At TechWholesale, we encourage you to browse the many other resources available on our site to aid you in your search or contact us directly with any questions – we’re eager to help.

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Benefits of using a Two Way Radio Base Station

Take a few minutes to learn how using a two-way radio base station can make workers more efficient, boost your radio system’s range and greatly benefit your business communications. Having a stationed radio is more convenient for employees who work at their desks, in a fixed shop location or as part of a dispatch team, allowing them to connect with other workers elsewhere in the building or out in the field. A radio base station, used with an external antenna, can extend the range of your internal two-way radio system and give you a stronger signal, eliminating any interference from other radio users that are nearby on another channel. By using a two-way radio repeater, which receives radio signals and retransmits those signals, you can extend your radio system’s range even further.

Radio Base Stations for Added Durability and Security
For industrial areas where heavy equipment is being used or other locations that pose potential risks for hand-held units, two-way radio base stations are especially ideal. They are built to be more rugged than portable radios, and they’re a smarter option for employees that work in a fixed location, since they cannot be lost and are less likely to be accidentally damaged. Workers who would find two-way radio base stations more convenient might include warehouse clerks, office receptionists and hotel front desk clerks. There are radio base stations that can be easily integrated with your company’s existing stationary or portable radio system. Both VHF and UHF base stations are available. VHF stations are specially designed for outdoor use over wider open distances, while UHF walkie-talkie base stations are best for warehouses, office buildings and other indoor applications.

Two Way Radio Base Stations for Dispatch
Companies that need to relay information from different locations back to a central command greatly benefit from using a two-way radio base station. The base station is stationary in a fixed location, while other users operate hand-held portable radios or mobile radios out in the field. For companies that dispatch workers, this type of setup is ideal. An external antenna can be used with a base station to boost the signal strength and range. Organizations of this kind include taxicab services spread out over a large metropolitan area, hospitals and ambulance drivers, utility workers, construction workers on remote job sites, electricians making service calls, tow truck companies, maintenance workers, catering companies and restaurants with delivery service.

In addition to dispatch companies, base stations for two-way radios can be used in large high-rise buildings and big industrial complexes to boost a weak signal so that all portions of the desired coverage area can be reached without any dead spots. They can also be used in areas where there is unusually high two-way radio usage and signal enhancement is required for clear communications. Using a two-way radio base station gives you a higher wattage output to transmit over a greater distance with a cleaner, more reliable signal.

A two-way radio base station can take the power of your existing company communications and boost it significantly, or it can be the starting point of a robust internal radio communications system, effectively linking all employees in your organization, wherever they are. At TechWholesale, we’re not only looking out for our customers, but want to look out for the environment as well.

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The Many Uses of the Motorola RDU2020

With the most advanced voice activation and 3 sensitivity levels, the Motorola RDU2020 two-way radio allows the user to talk hands-free making this two-way radio the perfect choice when you need to communicate and complete important tasks at hand. With a UHF band, 2 watts, 2 channels and 89 business frequencies, the RDU2020 is an exceptional business two-way radio! The Motorola RDU2020 is an excellent two-way radio for a variety of different uses.


  • Retail Stores: The hustle and bustle of retail, especially during peak seasons could be extremely stressful and daunting. Keep in touch with the sales staff and backroom , with clarity and dependability with the Motorola RDU2020.
  • Medical Offices: In the busy medical field, communication is the key to successful treatment. Keep in touch with staff in the back while you handle your duties up front with the RDU2020.
  • Construction: A construction site can be spread out between different crews, but the need for communication is extremely important for success. Keep in touch between workers and foreman with the RDU2020.
  • Resorts and Hotels: Keep in touch with the entire staff of your resort with the Motorola RDU2020. With a range of 250,000 sq. ft or up to 20 floors, the RDU2020 is the perfect two-way radio for resorts and hotels.
  • Restaurants: A busy restaurant could be a nightmare for staff, but with constant and clear communication, your staff could keep everything under control and deliver quick and exceptional service.

Of course, the Motorola RDU2020 isn’t only limited to the above purposes! When it comes to the perfect two-way radio for any stressful business, the RDU2020 will deliver. Get the Motorola RDU2020 today at 

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The Many Uses of the Motorola CLS1110

The durability and dependability of the Motorola CLS1110 two-way radio makes it an exceptional purchase for many different applications. With a UHF band, 1-watt, 1 channel, and 56 business only frequencies, the CLS1110 covers an outdoor range of up to 5 miles, and 200,000 sq. ft indoors. You can feel confident in knowing your conversations are secure with 121 interference eliminator codes! Perfect for small businesses, the CLS1110 can easily be clipped to the belt for easy portability. The Motorola CLS1110 two-way radio is the perfect radio for, but not limited to:


  • Medical Offices: A medical office is a bustling and often overactive setting where constant communication is highly necessary. Keep in touch with reception staff, nurses, doctors and all employees of your office with crystal clear communication when you use the Motorola CLS1110
  • Event Planning: Event planning is often a stressful career, especially when it’s event day. Keep in touch with your crew, and get the job done quickly , efficiently and more importantly, correctly.
  • Retail: Communication between the floor and stock room is extremely important for busy retail stores. Keep your store organized and efficient with a Motorola CLS1110
  • Sports Teams: Whether professional or high school sports, the Motorola CLS1110 can help your team coordinate quickly and come up with the right plan of attack.

There are many ideal uses for the Motorola CLS1110. If you’re looking for a powerful and useful two-way radio, consider the Motorola CLS1110 at!

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Camping Safety

If you’re one of many people who enjoy camping and being in the great outdoors, you’re not alone. Camping is a relaxing and often fun excursion that is great for the whole family. Camping is a great way to relax and enjoy nature, as long as you follow safety guidelines to ensure your camping trip is as safe as possible. Below are a few tips to keep you safe while camping this season:

Two-Way Radios for Camping

  • Be sure you’re vaccinations such as a tetanus shot are up to date. Keeping up on vaccinations can ensures your protected from risks that you may encounter in the wilderness.
  • Always practice campfire safety! Choose a spot without overhanging trees and be sure to keep the fire contained with a metal ring. Keep water and a shovel near in the event of the fire spreading or becoming out of control.
  • Having a way to communicate in the event of an emergency is extremely crucial at ensuring the safety of your camping trip. Sometimes cellular phones aren’t the most reliable communication tools, especially if in the deep woods. Two-way radios for campgrounds are a reliable tool that should be mandatory in your camping plans. Make sure your two-way radio has full batteries before leaving for your trip. Not only will a two-way radio for campgrounds keep you safe in the event of an emergency, but are also great for camping related activities such as hiking and fishing.
  • Be sure to pack a supply kit that includes first aid accessories, maps, compasses, flashlights, batters, blankets, medicines and essential goods that are meant to keep you safe. If you’re bringing a two-way radio, be sure to bring a backup battery.

If you’re planning a camping trip this season, follow these simple guidelines and enjoy a safe and relaxing trip!

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