Choosing Two Way Radios for Travel

If you’re planning an exhilarating road trip this spring or summer, consider a two way radio for traveling. If you have multiple vehicles traveling along with you this summer, two way radios for traveling are excellent tools that will keep all parties in touch on the open road. Provide each and every car with a two way radio and with just the simple touch of a button, you are able to instantly communicate with all vehicles in your caravan. Stuck in traffic? Lost? Figure out a game plan right on the spot with traveling radios. Two way radios are a great communication choice wherever your destination takes you. If you’ve ever been on a multi vehicle road trip, you probably understand how stressful these trips can be, especially when the vehicles become separated from one another and one needs to stop for a rest or to fuel up. With just the touch of a button, you can notify your caravan that you need to take a quick break, keeping everyone organized and on the same path.When shopping for the best two way radios for travel, consider the following features:Two Way Radios for Travel

  • Weather Information: Having the most up-to-date weather information is not only convenient, but ensures the safety of yourself and everyone in your caravan. Immediately know if a storm is nearing and have the opportunity to take all safety precautions and avoid being stuck driving in torrential down pours or other inclement weather scenarios.
  • Battery Life: Without a standard power cord being readily available, consider the battery life of your two way radio before making a purchase. Keep batteries inside the glove box in the event of your radio going dead. Some radios however support a vehicle charger.
  • Range: Range is important in the event that your vehicles become separated for more than a mile’s length.

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Long Range Two Way Radios for Hiking and Adventuring

Long range two way radios can be a true life saver when out in the great outdoors with your friends and family. If you often travel with a large group, walkie talkie sets are a great way to maintain in constant contact with your whole party. Whether you’re group enjoys long hikes in the woods or an adventurous rafting excursion down a river, hiking radios are an excellent way to keep an open line of communication with your party to ensure safety and constant communication in the event your group gets separated.  All popular outdoor activities can be safer and even more fun, with the use of long range two way radios.

Hiking Radios

Avid hikers know the risks that can be involved when adventuring on a long hike through unfamiliar terrain. In many cases, groups can get separated and without a reliable communication device, finding your group can be nearly impossible. A set of walkie talkies can ensure that you’ll have a way to stay in touch with your group at any time. There’s no better feeling than soaking up the sun and scenery while on a long hike or backpacking trip, but sometimes being in a group can ruin the beauty. Hiking alone can be fun and breathtaking, but having someone to communicate with can ensure your safety in the event that anything goes wrong. Hiking radios are an excellent companion to take on any hike you decide to go on.

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Cruising with Walkie Talkies

Beach View
Cruise ships are incredibly large. So large, in fact, that it can seem impossible to find your loved ones while you enjoy all of the ship’s offerings. If you’re planning on traveling this winter on a cruise ship, you may want to consider taking along a pair of Motorola walkie talkies.

Available through at prices that can fit into anyone’s budget, our Motorola walkie talkies are a perfect accessory for any traveler. They come packed with user-friendly features, they’re super simple to use, and they can easily be taken on the cruise ship with you so that you can radio other members of your party when you get separated. Plus, they can support communications throughout all levels of the ship, so you won’t have to worry about losing signal. You’ll feel much more safe and secure knowing that your family is right within reach with any of our walkie talkies by Motorola.

Don’t pack your suitcase without bringing along a walkie talkie from Motorola.

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