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10 Savvy Ways to Allocate your Leftover Communications Budget

Supercharge your two-way radio system for optimal efficiency and performance! Have you saved your company money with great bargains on radios and other business communications gear through the year? You may have some extra funds in your communication budget, and are wondering how to put that cash to the best use. Look no further! Here are 10 savvy ways to enhance your investment and get the most from your radio system. Your boss will thank you (even if that’s YOU).

  • Headsets and Earpieces – To increase productivity and add a layer of privacy to employees’ conversations, invest in compatible microphone headsets with earpieces for your existing radios. Your workers will be more efficient with hands-free communication, while internal discussions remain confidential. These are especially useful for service workers that attend to customers.
  • New Batteries - Newer model lithium-ion batteries extend the lifespan of your radios. It’s also smart to have spares on hand for a longer-than-expected work day.
  • Maintenance - Keep your radios operating at full power with regular servicing at a local radio repair shop.
  • New Antenna – Is your radio’s antenna looking a bit shabby? Does it not give you the range that it once did? The latest in antenna technology might greatly improve performance and reach. This is an easy, affordable fix.
  • Multi-Unit Charger – If it’s taking too long to get your radio fleet recharged, a multi-unit charger might be a game-changer for your business. For a large family or a business, a multi-unit battery charger lets you charge all of them at once from a single power outlet.
  • Radio Cases - Both for protection of the radio from everyday wear and tear, and for worker convenience, radio cases are a great idea. This is especially true if your employees are using their radios on potentially dangerous job sites.
  • Convert to Digital - By converting your analog radios to digital radios, you’ll be able to take advantage of advanced features and enjoy a longer lifespan and no FCC licensing fees.
  • Spare Radios for Emergencies - Sometimes “just enough” isn’t good enough, especially in an emergency, like when one stops working. If your business communications are critical, have a few spare business radios on hand, just in case.
  • Battery Fleet Management System - This useful device monitors the battery life of all your two-way radios, so that you can check them all without having to individually test each radio.
  • Maintenance Contract - Don’t wait until something unexpected happens. A maintenance contract lets you budget for necessary repairs, eliminating any bad surprises.

What’s the Best Place for Two-Way Radio Accessories?

Tech Wholesale, of course! As an Authorized Kenwood and Motorola Dealer, we not only carry a large selection of their best radios. We also stock original manufacturer two-way radio accessories that are specially designed for Kenwood and Motorola radios. We offer these accessories at the lowest prices, with our knowledge and expertise backing everything we sell. We can answer whatever questions you have about these accessories and their uses before as well as after the sale.

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Best Uses for Two-Way Radios for Schools

Keep kids Safe! That’s Priority Number One for every parent. But what happens when they head off to school? To protect students and keep operations running smoothly are two great reasons for schools to use two-way radios. You might not realize how complex and multifaceted an average school is. In addition to student security, there’s traffic to direct, school buses to organize and administrators and teachers to keep well-connected and informed. Add to that the food service crew and cleaning staff and wow, that’s a lot of moving parts! At Tech Wholesale, we know how to enhance business performance with a top-quality radio system. Here are the best ways that two-way radios are used in schools.

  • Directing Traffic – Does the area around your school have traffic jams every morning? Two-way radios can be used by traffic directors and crossing guards to help control the flow of traffic and pedestrians for maximum efficiency and safety. Users can be notified of school bus problems, accidents, late-arriving students and other issues.
  • School Bus Drivers - When bus drivers are equipped with two-way radios, they can easily communicate with school officials and other administrators. This keeps them informed about changes in their route or issues at the school. Radios also allow drivers to call for help in the event of an emergency.
  • Security Guards – School security personnel keep a two-way radio on their belt to report any problem, suspicious activity or possibly violence in and around the school, the moment they see it. Radios are far more reliable than cell phones in an emergency, as it’s a closed system not susceptible to heavy cell phone usage.
  • Administration – Two-way radios let school administrators stay apprised of issues anywhere in the school, as they happen. This allows for immediate response, if need be.
  • Teachers – These days, most modern schools equip ever classroom with a two-way radio so that teachers have quick access to help if there’s any trouble.
  • Food Service – Just like in a public restaurant, a school’s food service staff use two-way radios to coordinate cooking, food preparation and serving duties for a smooth operation.
  • Cleaning Staff – Two-way radios help a school’s janitorial staff stay on top of messy situations, on call for teachers and nurses. They can also be part of the school’s security team, alerting supervisors of any suspicious activity.

Two-Way Radios: Real-World Results for Improved Safety in Schools

Read these real-world stories about how two-way radios have enhanced safety in schools. Challenging times demand robust solutions, and two-way radios give educators and school administrators the edge in dealing with situations quickly and effectively.

Convinced? Take the Next Step!

If you’re convinced that your school needs two-way radios to improve safety and efficiency, Tech Wholesale has the best radios at the most affordable prices. We’re an Authorized Dealer for Motorola and Kenwood, so we have an excellent selection of top models with advanced features. Discover the best radios for small schools and large school campuses. We also offer outstanding customer service, due to our many years of two-way radio expertise.

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