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Motorola Two-Way Radios for Doomsday Prep

We got a comment on our Facebook page the other day that really got us thinking. The post was simple enough… One of our fans was asking what sort of two-way radios she and her husband should get in case of an emergency. She also mentioned the term “Doomsday Preppers.” While preparing for “Doomsday” might seem like something out of the Cold War, it’s never a bad idea to have an emergency plan in place. That emergency plan should include two-way radios (we suggested the Motorola rdu4100) and other survival essentials. Let’s take a closer look at some Doomsday Prep ideas.

Two-way radios are a good idea for Doomsday Prep

Two-way radios are a good idea for Doomsday Prep

  • If you end up having to stay put for a long period of time, you should have the survival basics on hand: Fire, light, water, food, and some sort of defensive tool.
  • It’s a good idea to have a few weeks’ worth of water. The best way to store your water is in glass cooler jugs. They won’t degrade over time, and they’ll keep the water from getting contaminated.
  • A good food supply is also crucial. Instant rice, canned beans, and some spices are your best bet. They don’t take a lot of energy to cook, and beans provide you with protein.
  • If possible, keep some vitamins on hand—as well as protein powder, instant milk, noodles, and some canned fruits and veggies.
  • A good First Aid kit will ensure that you can handle any minor injuries.

And, of course, the right two-way radios can help you stay in contact with your loved ones in the event of some sort of catastrophic emergency.

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Two-Way Radios Work for Medical Offices

When you’re working in the medical field, it’s important to ensure that your office operates at the highest efficiency level possible. How can you make sure that technicians and other staff members have a simple and quick way to know when patients check in, when a procedure is finished, or when someone else needs to be called in to a particular area of the office? Here at Tech Wholesale, we know exactly what the solution should be. That’s why we specialize in two-way radios for businesses—and medical offices are some of the best candidates for this efficient technology.

medical office walkie talkies

The two-way radios for medical offices here at Tech Wholesale are designed with patients in mind. Now, that’s not to say that we know how to treat any medical issues—far from it, in fact. What we’re saying is that we know that the right people need to be in the right place at the right time to ensure that proper medical care is given to those that need it. With two-way radios and walkie talkies for medical offices, you’ll be able to ensure that everyone is connected and on the same page.

When you choose your Motorola two-way radios from Tech Wholesale, you’ll be able to appreciate the privacy codes that can provide uninterrupted and confidential conversations. This is especially important when you’re dealing with sensitive information in a medical office.

See how two-way radios from Tech Wholesale can work for your office!

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