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Walkie Talkies are Must-Haves for Motorcyclists

Motorola Talk AboutDid you know that motorcyclists can also use walkie talkies? Seriously! Just because you ride a motorcycle doesn’t meant that you have to remain completely locked out from the rest of your party. You can keep in touch with other riders, get alerts about severe weather, and even get the benefit of a flashlight when you choose to take along a set of Motorola Talkabout two way walkie talkies on your next cross country trip.

Whether you’re planning on riding across the country or just going for a spin around your town, the Motorola Talkabout Radios from, these radios offer a range up to 7 miles, complete durability for use on the road, and of course, user-friendly designs that make it easy to keep in touch with other riders you’re traveling with. Each radio also features a built-in flashlight in each radio, 11 weather channels (7 are NOAA) with alert features, and a long-lasting battery, so you know you’re getting the best radio for your cross country or around the block trips.

Make sure you ride with a Motorola in hand. has Motorola Talkabout radios that are perfect for keeping close when you’re on a motorcycle ride.

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Need to Equip Your Farm with the Right Farm Radios? We Can Help

Farm radios can help any size farm get the job done

Farm radios can help any size farm get the job done

At, we’re committed to helping business and individuals find the two way communications tools they need to get the job done. If you work on a farm, we’ve got you covered when it comes down to helping you find the best farm radios for your budget. Our selection of two way farm radios is sure to have exactly what you’re looking for when you need to communicate with others who make your farm run at its best.

From giving directions to heavy equipment operators to getting an answer to a question from your farmhands, the uses and applications for a farm radio on your property can be pretty much limitless. Whenever you need to communicate quickly on the farm, our two way radios help you do it – without the hassle of cell phones. From a practical sense, a cell phone just won’t cut it. They lose reception and they’re easily broken. Farmers need something tougher to get the message across.

Equip your farm with farm radios from today.

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Product Highlight: The Motorola Talkabout MJ270 series

Motorola TalkAbout MJ270 SeriesThe Talkabout Series of two way radios is more than just a must-have for families that want to communicate at home. These walkie talkies are also perfect for toting along while traveling, biking, hiking, camping, fishing, or doing anything else your family loves to do together.

Built to be user friendly and able to withstand the tests of family use in some of the toughest environments, the Motorola Talkabout MJ270 series of radios lets your family communicate in a range that goes up to 7 miles with features that include:

  • 22 channels with 121 privacy codes
  • 27 hour battery life when you use 3 AA batteries
  • iVOX hands-free communication without having to use a headset
  • Built-in flashlight
  • 11 weather channels with alert features
  • Mini-USB charging port
  • A bright backlit display
  • Advanced priority scan

These features are just a few of the ones that the Motorola Talkabout MJ270 offers. To see the full range of abilities – and to get a set for your family – be sure to check out the selection of Motorola family walkie talkies at

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Product Highlight: Motorola CLS 1410 Radio

Motorola CLS RadioA good business radio is tough to come by, but at, they’re just about everywhere you look. Our selection of Motorola two way business radios is one of the best on the net and one of our favorite two way radios is the Motorola CLS 1410 Radio.

This high tech business walkie talkie is specifically designed for the restaurant, retail, and education industries in mind. So whether you’re calling the buses for end of day dismissal, answering questions in the stock room, or relaying information between the dining room and the kitchen, the Motorola CLS 1410 radio is the ideal tool for getting the job done.

This radio also offers great features like:

  • The ability to communicate between 15 floors or 200,000 sq. feet indoors
  • Power that’s two times stronger than traditional family walkie talkies
  • 56 UHF business-exclusive frequencies
  • 4 channels of operation with 121 interference codes

Now these are just some of the features that come in the Motorola CLS 1410. Factor in the long-lasting battery and the ease of use and you’ve got a business radio that’s perfect for your working environment. Get your Motorola CLS 1410 today at

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Using Walkie Talkies On Your Camping Trip

Motorola Talk About

Everyone knows that camping can be great fun for families – but it’s also important to stay close and in constant communication while you’re in the wild. Whether you’re camping near home or are far away on a family retreat, your family can benefit from having a set of walkie talkies on hand. Trust us – they offer so much more than just a way to ask where someone put the sleeping bags.

Walkie talkies from the Motorola Talkabout series offer families a chance to camp and communicate safer when they take along a set. These walkie talkies come packed with features that ensure that your family can always communicate clearly, including a range of up to 7 miles, 22 channels, iVOX hands-free communication features, a Quiet Talk interruption filter, and an emergency alert button.

Plus, your family also gets the benefit of a built-in flashlight in each radio, 11 weather channels (7 are NOAA) with alert features, and a long-lasting battery. When you’re alone in the woods with your family, you can’t afford not to have these kinds of devices along with you.

Make sure that your family is prepared for your next camping trip. Get your set of Motorola Talkabout radios today at

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What’s the difference between VHF and UHF radios?

Motorola Two Way Radio

Motorola Two Way Radio

When shopping for a business two way radio, it’s important to know the differences between Ultra High Frequency (UHF) and Very High Frequency (VHF) radios. Not only will knowing the differences help you pick a better set of walkie talkies, but they’ll also assist in proper use of radio communication on the job.

So what’s the difference? Well, for starters, frequency penetration. UHF radio waves are strong enough to penetrate steel, concrete, brick walls, and rugged terrain, which makes a UHF radio ideal for indoor-outdoor communications, or in situations where you’ll need to communicate between floors of a building or in a more rugged environment.

On the other hand, VHF radio waves aren’t as strong and can’t go through the same things as UHF radio waves. Instead, VHF radios are best used when there aren’t any obstructions to the signal. If you’re communicating in the outdoors, a VHF two way business radio is the ideal fit for sending and receiving messages across open land, rolling hills, and thick forests.

UHF and VHF business two way radios also come with different features to make use easier. Some UHF radios will include a more rugged design or compatibility with headsets. Some VHF radios will offer options for use in all weather. It all depends on the radios you’re looking at.

At, we carry both UHF and VHF business walkie talkies that are perfect for meeting your two way radio needs. Shop our selection today.

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Product Highlight: Motorola RDX Business Radios

Motorola RDX RadioDid you know that the Motorola RDX line of business radios offers so much more than your average walkie talkie? Designed for everyday use in some of the toughest environments, the Motorola RDX business radio is an essential for on-site construction work, security, or other industrial applications. If you use a two way radio to communicate with employees, a command center, or others in an environment that demands durability and performance, then you need the Motorola RDX radio from

This radio comes packed with 4 watts of power, so you can easily communicate between 30 floors indoors or within 350,000 square feet. Plus, it offers 10 channels, operates on 89 different UHF frequencies, and has 122 privacy codes to help ensure a clear signal. Factor in the Advance Voice Activation (VOX) that allows for hands-free operation and Customer Programming Software and you’ve got a radio that goes above and beyond.  That’s not just power; it’s perfection in a business radio.

Get your Motorola RDX radio for industrial, construction, security, or retail functions. Trust us. You’ll never turn back to your old set of walkie talkies again.

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Do I Really Need the FCC License?

Motorola CLS RadioWhen using business radios, it’s important to know that your only communication won’t be with your employees. You’ll also have to make contact with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). According to FCC regulations, all business radios must license a radio frequency. You see, airwaves are considered public property and the FCC has to regulate the use of those public airwaves fairly. Otherwise, it would be easy for frequencies to be taken over for other uses, and like many things, airwaves can be a commodity.

Radio and TV stations use FCC licensing to broadcast waves, but businesses with two way radio connections are just as important. All radio operators, from businesses to ham radio operators, need to have FCC licensing for the specific frequency you’ll be using.  It’s simply the law.

If you’re a business just starting out with a two way radio network, then be sure to check with the FCC to make sure that you’re in compliance with all appropriate regulations and requirements for licensing and use. You can find more information about FCC radio licensing at the official FCC site.

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Welcome to the Official Blog!

Welcome! If you’ve stumbled upon our blog, we bet that you’re looking for a better way to communicate with your family or with employees. You’re in luck.

We’ve been gone from our blog for a bit, but we’re excited to be diving back in! At, we offer the best selection of Motorola walkie talkies and two way radios designed for both personal and commercial use. If you have to keep in touch, we’re the people who can help you do it!

On our official blog, you’ll find tons of great information on all of our favorite two way radios and walkie talkies, including product highlights, features, and even some ideas on how you can use them. You’ll also get the first scoop on exclusive deals and discounts we’re offering on Motorola and Kenwood radios, accessories, and more.

If you want to keep in touch, make sure you do it with two way radios from Stay tuned for more great posts that highlight some of the best walkie talkies in the business. Thanks for stopping by!

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