Benefits of Utilizing a Two-Way Radio on Your Next Family Cruise

Family cruises are great vacations because they enable your whole crew to go to one or more destinations without worrying about travel accommodations, lodging, food, and other additional expenses. Everything is all-inclusive on a cruise, and the beautiful waterfront views make your travel time feel like vacation time as well.

If you’re embarking on a cruise with your whole family, you may be wondering how the kids and adults can stay in communication with one another while on the incredibly large cruise ship. Because it’s common for cell phones to lose signal in the open water, you may want to invest in a two-way radio system for your family to use. Here are just a few of the benefits of using a two-way radio on your next family cruise.

  • Many people underestimate the size of a cruise ship – until they actually step on board. These ships are very, very large, and using a two-way radio makes it easy to keep track of all of your family members when they all rush off to do different activities on deck.
  • Like we mentioned before, cell phones don’t work aboard a cruise ship. Unless you want to have the crew page your missing family members, you’ll want to invest in some long-distance two-way radios.
  • Many types of two-way radios operate at a distance of 23 miles or higher, which means that they’ll work on the ship even if one person is tanning on the top deck and another is bowling below deck.
  • Two-way radios have dozens of channels to choose from, so you know that you’ll always find a channel for your family to use.
  • If you’re worried about maintaining privacy from the other family aboard the ship, you can use a privacy code on your two-way radio. These types of codes are entered before communicating on your chosen channel, so even if another family is using that same channel, you can be sure that you won’t hear their conversation – and vice versa!

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What is Two-Way Radio Trunking?

There are a number of ways to operate a two-way radio, and although these devices may seem simple, some of their more advanced uses are fairly complex. One of these unique usages is something called “trunking,” which is a way to share a small number of two-way radio frequencies with a large group of users.

With trunking, this group of people (whether it be a group of coworkers, friends, family, or a social organization), can take advantage of one “talkgroup,” instead of one singular channel. This means that individual users are able to talk to other users in the group at any time, rather than waiting for idle time in the conversation to pass until someone else is able to chat. The talkgroup automatically finds a vacant channel within the group whenever the person decides to call in, enabling unrelated conversations to occur at once within the channel.

A trunked radio system works because each individual user’s radio will send data packets to a computer, which operates on what is called a “control channel”. This channel requests communication within the talkgroup by sending a digital signal to all other radios within the group, and it then instructs those radios to switch to the frequency indicated. Once the initial user is done speaking, all of the other radios will return to monitoring the control channel in case of other transmissions.   

Many people don’t understand the difference between the way a trunked radio system works and the way that a conventional system works. Basically, a standard radio system uses one designated channel or frequency for a group of users, while a trunked system uses a number of different channels for one group of people. This means that when talk is idle on one channel, the same people will hear communication on the other channels.

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Run Better Group Tours at Your Business

Whether you run a brewery or an industrial plant, there are a number of job sites that give tours to small groups. When you’re conducting a group tour, you’ll want to have a reliable walkie talkie or radio to allow you to communicate with the guests on your tour without losing the signal or losing your group’s interest. Here are a few smart tips for how to run great group tours at your business – and which products to use to make them even better.

  • Create a comfortable group. If you’re taking a group on a tour, you won’t want to bring along too many people, because this will make it difficult to hear, see, and even to walk together. Aim for a group of 10 or so people to best hold their interest and ensure that everyone can retain all of the information.
  • Make things fun. No matter what type of information you’re teaching, you’ll want to make it interesting for people to listen to. Give them the facts, but also throw in a few jokes and anecdotes, and be sure to leave time for questions at the end.
  • Use a digital receiver. To ensure that everyone is able to hear you clearly throughout the duration of the tour, use a digital receiver while speaking. Tech Wholesale recommends products like the Listen-Technologies LR-400-072 Portable Display RF Receiver, which features exceptional audio quality and convenient recharging options at a very affordable price. It operates over 17 wide band channels and 40 narrow band channels, and it has a digital display LCD screen to help monitor your selection.
  • Pick up the pace. When it comes to a good group tour, less is often more. Narrow your tour down to a few important sites, and weed out the less important areas. This will help your group to retain the most important aspects of the tour.

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Hiking Radios Perfect to Keep You and Your Team Safe

If you’re setting out into the woods on a weekend hike, you’re likely looking for every possible way to stay safe on your journey. Aside from wearing the proper hiking gear and going out with a group, you may want to bring along a two-way radio to communicate with your fellow hikers and make sure that no one gets separated. These handy devices are also great to use so that you can radio for help in case of injury.

If you’re in the market for a radio to take hiking, here are the best models available at Tech Wholesale.

  • The Motorola CLS1110. When hiking, the most important factor to look for in a radio is a long distance radius. Because you’ll be out in the forest and potentially very far away from your fellow hikers, it’s essential that your radios can communicate from long distances. This Motorola model works at a distance of up to 200,000 square feet outdoors, so it’s the perfect choice for your next hiking trip.
  • The Motorola RMU2040. This affordable radio set is another great long distance option. It’s very lightweight to make it easy to carry while hiking, and it can be upgraded to include a high capacity lithium ion battery that stays charged for much longer than usual batteries. This particular model can communicate at a distance of up to 250,000 square feet outdoors.
  • Motorola RDV5100. This Motorola walkie talkie can communicate at a range of a whopping 300,000 square feet, which is a very impressive distance for long-distance hikers. This is a great choice if you’re worried about losing the connection with your fellow hikers, and it comes with a handy belt clip that makes it easy to carry with you while hiking. The lithium-ion battery is also very long-lasting, so you won’t have to worry about it dying while out on the trail.

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How Secure Are Two-way Radios?

While many people use two-way radios for work or recreation, some people use them for more personal or confidential matters. Many people think that with a simple switch of a channel you can access another person’s two-way radio conversation, but by taking a few simple steps to secure your two-way radio, you can keep out unwanted listeners. Here’s how to secure your radio.

  • Set up a privacy code. Many types of radios come with a Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System (CTCSS) or CDCSS (Continuous Digital Coded Squelch System), which allows you to set up privacy codes that keep other people out of your chosen channel. These codes mean that you can subdivide the channels into a combination of the channel and a code that only your friends or coworkers will know.
  • Learn Morse code. If you’re only going to be communicating short, private messages, you may want to learn Morse code. This simple language has been used for decades, and it’s very easy to use on your two-way radio. Instead of talking, you’ll be able to communicate with a series of shorter and longer beeps with the simple push of a button. If you’d prefer to talk out loud instead of using a series of noises, you can also develop your own system of code words that other people on the same channel won’t be able to figure out.
  • Use an earpiece or headset. One of the easiest ways to keep your walkie talkie communications private in your direct vicinity is by eliminating the need to talk “into” the radio itself. Instead, invest in an earpiece or headset that connects to your radio, and makes it easy to talk and listen without people around you hearing your whole conversation.  When you wear the headset, you’ll be the only one who can hear the other person’s side of the conversation – and vice versa.

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Best Radio Accessories for Your Walkie

To really optimize your chosen walkie talkie set, you’ll need more than just the receives themselves. Whether you’re using them for personal, recreational use or to keep things safe and productive while on the job, there are a number of accessories that you can use to ramp up your walkie talkie’s performance. Here are just a few of the best radio accessories.

  • A Headset. While a walkie talkie is already a very convenient tool for long distance communication, it’s not exactly a hands-free device. If you’re doing a job that requires both hands as well as communication with your co-workers, you’ll want to invest in a headset that goes with your radio.
  • An earpiece. For even more discreet, hands-free communication, hook your walkie talkie to your belt and use an earpiece to talk to your coworkers. Most of these accessories have push-to-talk features that make it easy to speak when you want to and turn them off when you don’t.
  • A belt holster. Whether you’re using a separate headset or not, a belt holster is essential for keeping your radio on hand at all times. These swivel holsters make it easy to remove the radio without interrupting your duties.
  • A multi-unit charger. If your entire family or team of employees uses walkie talkies, you’ll want to purchase a multi-unit charger that charges multiple radios at once. It’s a huge time saver, not to mention a space saver when you’re charging your radios on the counter!
  • A high capacity lithium-ion battery. If you’re tired of your walkie talkie dying in the middle of the day, upgrade the standard battery to a high capacity battery that holds a charge for much longer. When fully charged, this type of battery lasts for 9 to 12 hours.

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How Heavy Duty Radios Can Keep People Safe on the Golf Course

Golf isn’t a contact sport in the same way that, say, football is, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with its fair share of dangers. From golf cart accidents to concussions due to a rogue ball, there are number of accidents that could happen during your afternoon tee time. There are even dangers that can occur while you’re working at a golf course, if that’s your job. Here are a few important ways that heavy duty radios can keep people safe on the golf course.

  • If you and your friends are golfing and separate into two or more groups, heavy duty radios can enable you to communicate with one another when you’re apart.
  • If you have older people in your golf game, carrying a heavy duty radio can enable you to call for help in case of an accident or injury. Physical activity puts particular strain on older people, and you’ll have much more peace of mind while playing if you know that you can rely on a radio.
  • For golf course employees doing routine maintenance, such as collecting balls or mowing the grass, it’s important to keep in contact with the rest of the staff. Provide your employees with heavy duty radios that will enable them to call for help in case of a lawnmower accident, a fall, or even a broken bone.
  • Those who are allergic to bee stings are in particular danger while golfing, since there are many opportunities to come in contact with bees while outside. Carrying a heavy duty radio is a great way to keep these players safe in case of a sting.
  • Golf course employees can also keep tabs on the course’s security by using heavy duty radios. If an employee or security guard notices something suspicious going on somewhere on the grounds, he or she can easily radio for help.

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Featured Brand: Shop Motorola Solutions Radios at Tech Wholesale

If you’re looking for a high quality, reliable business radio for just about any type of use, the Motorola line is one of our favorites here at Tech Wholesale. These radios have been around for years, and they’re known for being both extremely effective and very affordable.

The Motorola DLR Digital Radios don’t require an FCC license, so they’re perfect for small businesses. These radios sound crystal clear up to 300,000 feet away indoors, so they’ll help to improve your level of customer service and increase employee productivity. These are also very similar to cell phones, except without all the dialing and the pricey data plans.

If you’re in need of a radio that’s smaller and more aesthetically pleasing, try the Motorola CLP Radios. These are great for places like restaurants or retail stores where the radios will be used in plain sight, but they’re still entirely wireless and easy to use.

Motorola CLS Radios are some of the brand’s most lightweight styles, weighing in at under 5 ounces. Because of their compact, lightweight size, these portable radios are perfect for industries like food service, seasonal work, and retail.

Motorola doesn’t only manufacture small, high-tech radios, however; options like the MURS Walkie Talkies are a bit larger, but that makes them perfect for outdoor use. These Multi-Use Radio Service walkie talkies operate on a set of open frequencies that don’t require an FCC license for use, which means that they’re great for outdoor activities such as camping or music festivals.

No matter what type of radio or walkie talkie you’re in the market for, you can be sure that Motorola offers something to suit your needs. This well-known brand doesn’t only boast decades in the business, they even invented the very first walkie talkie all the way back in 1940!

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High-Tech Gardening in Your Home

For tech lovers, there’s absolutely no part of the home that can’t be improved by a bit of technology. You may think that gardening is an all-natural hobby, but with the help of Tech Wholesale, even your garden can use a bit of a tech update.

The high-tech gardener won’t want to miss out on the Parrot Pot Self Watering Plant Container, a unique and innovative device that helps to make gardening and caring for houseplants a breeze. If you think that you have a bit of a black thumb rather than a green thumb, this handy (and fascinating!) device will give your plants a fighting chance. Here’s how it works.

  • The pot itself connects to a Bluetooth database of more than 8,000 different plant varieties, so it knows exactly what type of care your particular plant requires.
  • The Bluetooth device then connects to a 2.2-liter irrigation system, which knows exactly when and how much to water your plant. No overwatering here!
  • Your Parrot Pot Self Watering Plant Container will then give you a full report on your plant’s specs, including its soil moisture, fertilizer, sunlight requirements, and even its temperature. It will also show you the amount of time before the next reservoir filling.
  • The Parrot Pot Self Watering Plant Container connects to an app on your smartphone, which allows you to access its Bluetooth database and plant profile. It will even send you alerts to show you exactly how your plant is doing! 
  • Despite all of these technological advancements, the Parrot Pot Self Watering Plant Container still looks just as sleek and understated as a traditional plant pot. It features a tall, slender design and your choice of three attractive colors, and you can re-use it time and time again with different plants by simply repotting.

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Advantages to Using the Nox Sleepace System

Wondering how you can improve your quality of sleep, monitor the sleep you get each night, and even make waking up each morning a little bit easier? The Nox Sleepace system may be right for you. This high tech system is revolutionizing the way that people sleep (and wake up) every day. If you’re still unsure if the Nox Sleepace system is right for you, check out these advantages to using this revolutionary series of products.

  • The Nox Sleepace system is a line of products designed to monitor the sleep you get each night and give you a full report of the quality of your sleep once you wake up in the morning. The advantage to this report is that it allows you to tell exactly how you slept each night, including when you tossed and turned and when you achieved a restful REM state, in order to make adjustments to your sleeping environment and habits.
  • The system’s light and sound features work with your body’s natural sleeping patterns (as recorded by the product itself) to create a soothing, unobtrusive program that will positively impact your sleeping conditions and help you to fall asleep faster.
  • The Nox Sleepace’s red wavelengths are proven to help raise your body’s secretion of melatonin, a natural hormone that anticipates darkness, rest, and eventually, sleep.
  • Throughout the night, the Nox system will read when you’re starting to become restless and adjust its light output accordingly. This will help you to stay asleep longer and help to stop you from waking up throughout the night. 
  • The corresponding Nox Sleepace Sleep Dot Sensor even provides the wearer with a gentle sleep aid that will lull you into a restful, complete sleep state. By simply attaching it to your pillow, the Sleep Dot Sensor will communicate with your Nox Sleepace light and turn down the light once you’re deep asleep.

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