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Two-Ways for Black Friday

With Black Friday approaching, it’s the time of the year for prime holiday shopping — and things can get chaotic. Families often split up to cover as much ground as possible, whether in shopping malls or large department stores. Products literally fly off the shelves. Group mall shoppers should make a plan on how to negotiate visiting different stores to ensure they have everything needed for the holidays. Store owners should also prepare security and management to ensure operations run smoothly. Excellent communication is not only recommended on Black Friday, but it is necessary. It can be facilitated by a reliable two-way radio system.


Here are 4 reasons why both shoppers and retailers should consider purchasing two-way radios in preparation for Black Friday:

1. Proper, reliable communication
Families that go shopping together know how easy it is to get lost, buy the wrong items or spend all day trying to find their preferred brands. If everyone is equipped with a radio, it will be easy to track everything you need and make sure that everyone leaves the store together.

2. For enhanced safety
Robbery, threatening behavior, and shoplifting are commonplace in a retail environment. This makes security officials on high alert during Black Friday, when every shopper is in a hurry. In frenzied circumstances, it is possible for even the most professional security official to err in judgment. Two-way radios are the perfect tool to purchase for your security team to ensure consultation is had to determine a true threat versus a false alarm. With the touch of a button, a person manning one doorway can ask for a second opinion from a colleague who might be closer to suspicious activity.
Two-way radios can also help locate shoplifters before they can exit the store. Discreetly alerting a guard close by can help apprehend shoplifters.

3. Better voice quality
In the hustle and bustle of shopping malls on Black Friday, security needs digital radios. These are more effective than analog radios, which lack the error-correction software to guarantee clean connections within high ranges. On such a busy shopping day, a strong radio would help staff patrolling the perimeter.

4. Enhanced privacy
Modern digital radios utilize privacy codes to offer proper security for users. If you are trying to have a private conversation with a different user, simply switch to another channel.

When purchasing a two-way radio system, consider this:

Size/Weight – Nobody wants to lug around a heavy radio at the mall while shopping. Light duty two-way radios are a great option for shoppers, while security may opt for a heavy duty option.
Battery life – While you should invest in a light duty radio for Black Friday, don’t forget to check the battery life. Choose a radio that supports a battery charger or one with a long battery life.
Range – The biggest worry during Black Friday shopping is getting separated in crowded malls. Low-powered two-way radios may fall out of range, so make sure to consider a more powerful radio that provides excellent coverage in large malls.

Find the right Tw0-Way Radio to keep you shoppers safe and happy this Holiday Season at

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5 Ways Doctors’ Offices Can Utilize Light Duty Two-Way Radios

CLP1040 with HKLN4602A Earpiece

As more businesses discover more ways to guarantee efficiency, communication still remains a critical issue. It’s necessary for medical offices to have a convenient and multifunctional communication system, and in such a fast-paced environment, radio technology provides the best solution. Two-way radios offer doctors’ offices the ideal atmosphere needed to ensure smooth flow of operations. By utilizing light duty radios, they can ensure increased productivity and reliable communication.

1) Rapid response time
Two-way radios provide a direct and easy notification system to medical offices, with instant access to doctors and nurses. Patients can have their records delivered and responded to immediately. Once a patient has checked in and has seen the doctor, office personnel can contact each other with ease, reducing queue times and improving order.

2) Increased efficiency
Efficiency and turnaround time go hand in hand, which is why radio technology is recommended for optimum performance. To deliver the best care to patients, medical facilities have incorporated two-way radios as part of their organization. During emergencies, phones aren’t always the most reliable. Light duty radios allow staff to easily manage daily operations.

3) Range / power
Doctors’ offices are usually small, compared to other medical care centers. This makes the office space favorable for light duty radios when considering coverage. Small, lightweight radios are best for these situations, as they typically use a single channel for communication. Most light duty radios also have excellent battery life and are relevant to medical facilities.

4) Reduced operational costs
Apart from effectively managing patient care, two-way radios are affordable, compared to phones and other devices. Light duty radios are great for a tight budget. Working with radio technology also means you can employ smaller teams but process more cases, lowering operational costs.

5) Superior privacy
Privacy and confidentiality are paramount in medical practice. Current technology applied in two-way communication has ensured enhanced privacy. A radio channel allows the speaker to communicate to one or more faculty members without an outsider overhearing the conversation. To make it more personal, light-duty radios allow for completely private communication.

The Motorola CLP Series provide a list of light-duty radios that are easy to work, due to their resilience, excellent battery life, superior audio quality, and lighter weight. They also utilize Bluetooth technology and privacy codes to guarantee confidential conversations.

Find the right CLP Radios for your business!

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How Hospitals Can Utilize Two-way Radios

Hospital PicHealthcare facilities should always focus their attention on increased efficiency. This is because the real value in medical services is reflected by better productivity, flawless operation, and of course, a safe and secure environment. Two-way radio communication is the ideal solution to help in smooth operations of health services, as it has evolved to be incorporated in hospitals.

The top 6 reasons why hospitals should use two-way radios

For healthcare facilities, having an effective communication system in place is critical. It allows workers to communicate in quickly when it matters most. This can be achieved by implementing two-way radios. Here are 6 reasons why two-way radio communication should be considered essential in healthcare operations:

  1. Improved real-time communication Real-time communication among staff members can improve service within medical facilities. It provides a reliable experience for patients and visitors where hospital workers can respond swiftly.
  2. Increased productivity – mobile efficiency Medical staff, security, kitchen staff, among others, can utilize two-way radios without having to drop whatever they are doing. Radios offer staff a mobile, efficient option for responding to other members. No more wasting time searching an address book or spending time reading text messages. Workers have a direct, push-to-talk option for answering calls.
  3. Quick response to emergencies With heavy-duty two-way radios, emergency incidents will be responded to in a flash. If workers are able to utilize reliable devices, they will always have the right information, limiting the possibilities of worst-case scenarios.
  4. Enhanced safety and security Heavy duty two-way radios are critical for a safe and secure surrounding. Patients, staff, and visitors need to feel safe within and around medical facilities. Heavy-duty radios provide high-performance communication, which is reliable when dealing with security matters.
  5. Facility maintenance and disaster preparedness To ensure that everything runs smoothly, it is important to have the facility maintained, with proper preparation in case disaster strikes. Collaboration is necessary during the maintenance process, where each party must respond accordingly. What better way to do this than to integrate two-way communication devices?
  6. Coordination of social activities and events For organizing social activities or events to connect with the rest of the community, two-way radios are a great option. When cellular network or internet coverage is affected, your two-way radios won’t be. Contrary to recreational walkie-talkies, which often lack durability and range, heavy-duty radios provide an advanced long-lasting communication option for event organizers.


Whether rain or shine, Motorola heavy-duty radios, such as the long-range Motorola RDU4100 and Motorola RDV5100, are resistant to extreme conditions and are incredibly reliable.

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5 reasons property management businesses should use two-way radios

For success in property management as a business, competence is key. A competent property manager’s mantra should always be to add significant value to investors as well as customers. Of course, there are a number of factors involved in the process. But one that remains to counter most management challenges is communication. Whether you are dealing with property damage, unexpected maintenance, or time management, communication is essential.

5 reasons property management businesses should use two-way radiosThe property management business requires fast and effective service to ensure that the residents — including other stakeholders — are not only satisfied but also feel safe and secure within the facility. This can be achieved by utilizing a discrete form of two-way communication among staff members.

1. Lower operational costs

In addition to lowering operational costs of buying and maintaining cell phones, push-to-talk two-way radios are good for business. Motorola has been at the forefront of the wireless communication industry for decades. Tech Wholesale offers a plethora of Motorola and Kenwood products.

2. Ensure operational consistency

In the modern economy, the management should ensure that staff is always on its toes, residents are satisfied and that daily operations are smooth. This can be achieved by incorporating two-way radios as part of the communication system. Coordination is important in any management business. Management should ensure that this is done through effective communication in this case.

3. Promote real-time communication

Real-time communication is essential, as it plays a huge role in improving customer service. Every property manager should focus on time management. Having a reliable, real-time communication medium can help immensely. It can help staff members communicate any issues affecting occupants.

4. Minimize downtime

The design, size, and weight of medium-duty two-way radios make them a great mobile option for managers, security personnel, maintenance, and housekeeping. Push-to-talk couldn’t be simpler. An employee isn’t forced to leave everything he or she is doing to answer an incoming request, as is the case with other forms of communication.

5. Facilitate instantaneous response

Two-way radios not only improve safety within and around the facility, real-time wireless communication provided by medium duty two-way radios is reliable when dealing with emergencies and security matters. Instead of wasting time searching for relevant parties to respond to a crisis, two-way radios will grant you instant access to all connected parties at a push of a button.


Tech Wholesale recommends the Motorola CLS1410 for property management businesses looking for a medium duty two-way radio system. It’s incredibly user friendly, powerful and features an intuitive interface at an affordable cost.

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How art museums can utilize two-way radios for added security

Prepare your museum security with the proper communication tools.

Prepare your museum security with the proper communication tools.

Art museums are always on high alert — or at least they should be. With millions of dollars of art and historical value at every corner, it’s necessary that security is equipped with the proper tools to prevent costly accidents. There’s little room for mistakes when dealing with our most prized cultural icons. If your museum is looking to invest in affordable, efficient communication technology, Tech Wholesale can help.

For art museums, Tech Wholesale’s medium duty two-way radios, like the Motorola CLS 1410, will get the job done and then some. When security thinks it may be dealing with a potential vandal or thief, communication and quick response is key. And perhaps just as likely, a spill or child running too close to a painting or sculpture could potentially result in damaged goods. Accidents happen, but the best thing your team can do is take all of the necessary steps to prevent the worst case scenario. Preventing damage from occurring is much easier than recovery. The right tools can keep everybody on the same page, and while a two-way radio system may be an investment, the security and peace of mind is invaluable.

The Motorola CLS1410 is a great option for museums and other security teams that want a high level of communication, with its user-friendly interface and affordability. This radio is lightweight, practical and is ready for immediate use. In addition to its indoor usage, the CLS1410 has an outdoor range of up to five miles, and it allows users to communicate clearly across as many as fifteen floors or 200,000 square feet. For museums, this is a great fit, as it features a multitude of channels to conduct business. A group of employees can be on one channel while another group of employees can talk on another channel. Don’t force employees to overhear or take part in conversations that don’t pertain to them. Have the flexibility to keep your associates in touch with their necessary colleagues.

Art lives beyond ourselves, and that’s how we should treat it — proper security is invaluable. We know the artists would appreciate the extra caution. It’s always appropriate to consider how your team could improve, whether through general security, safety or communication practices. If you have any questions, get in touch — we have a team of professionals ready and at your disposal, and we’re always happy to help and offer advice. Tech Wholesale even offers free shipping for all online orders with 2 or more CLS1410 devices.

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Preparing Your Family for Trick-or-Treat

Prepare your family for trick-or-treat with a light duty two-way radio system.

Prepare your family for trick-or-treat with a light duty two-way radio system.

Can you believe it’s holiday season already? With Halloween approaching, it’s the time of year where kids go door to door for trick-or-treat. While trick-or-treat can be fun and festive, it’s important to make sure that your family and friends have a safe experience. Every family’s needs are different, but we’re here to make sure yours has the proper communication tools. While the festivities may be an adventure and collaborative for the kids, taking the appropriate safety measures can ensure everyone is in contact while still having a great time.

Radio recommendations

For most trick-or-treat neighborhood ranges, Tech Wholesale recommends a light duty two-way radio system. It’s a great option for parents that want to stay in touch with their kids, as well as friends that want to stay in touch with each other. Accidents happen, especially during the night when there is reduced visibility. While a cell phone can help everyone stay in touch, nothing quite matches the convenience of pressing a button and being instantly connected. For parents that don’t want to give their kids a cell phone yet, a light duty two-way radio system is the way to go. Walkie talkies are much more durable and can withstand harsher conditions than expensive smartphones.

The Motorola CLS1110 would be an excellent choice for those looking for advanced features and an easy-to-use interface at an affordable price point. It allows users to communicate clearly up to 200,000 square feet, as well as across 15 floors if used indoors. For kids, parents and friends that need to stay in the loop, this is ideal. The CLS1110 is ultra-advanced and super intuitive. Designed to deliver premier quality, this series of two-way radios is Clear, Light and Simple (CLS) — just as its name suggests.

Contact us

Trick or treat is about community, adventure and fun. While it’s a great opportunity for kids to have fun, making sure to take necessary precautions is invaluable. We’ve all been there: cell phones often run out of battery when you least want them too, or in the worst case scenarios break during accidents. Equip your family communication devices that are durable and proper for the conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out. Our team of professionals is ready to assist you. And don’t forget, Tech Wholesale offers free online shipping with orders of 2 or more radios. We hope you have a fun and safe trick-or-treat!

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How breweries can improve their process with two-way radios

Breweries can use two-way radios to improve their creative process.

Breweries can use two-way radios to improve their creative process.

For many of the best breweries, mastering their craft means always pushing themselves — regularly questioning their process, ingredients, and palette to create something new and great. And with autumn in full swing, it’s prime brew season with Oktoberfest seasonals. People want to celebrate craftsmanship. So for brewers, it’s important to consider how the team is communicating on the floor, especially when trying to keep at peak efficiency and create the perfect batch. When it comes to effective, reliable and efficient communication, Tech Wholesale can help.

Tech Wholesale’s medium duty two-way radios are perfect for the small brewery that wants to stay in touch during their process. When brewers are experimenting with new ingredients, need to be in contact with front-of-house, or when errors occur, two-way radios can streamline efficiency and team communication moving forward. They also save money by preventing wasted resources and mistakes.

The Motorola CLS1410 is great for breweries and other small businesses that want help in this aspect of their process. This two-way radio sports a user-friendly interface to help businesses increase productivity at an affordable price point. Though it has an outdoor range of up to five miles, it’s best used in indoor warehouses or small businesses. The CLS1410 allows users to communicate clearly across as many as fifteen floors or 200,000 square feet. For small to medium-sized breweries, this is perfect.

So the next time your crew finds itself experimenting with a new brew, consider how you’re communicating. Could it be improved? If so, maybe it’s time you invest in a new system. Tech Wholesale even offers free shipping on all online orders. If you have any questions, reach out — we’d love to help.

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Two-way radios reliable for childcare services

Two-way radios can be utilized for childcare services

Two-way radios can be utilized for childcare services

Let’s face it: kids are difficult to keep up with. For busy parents with day jobs, it’s often necessary to enroll your kids in daycare. It’s supposed to be a safe haven where they can play, learn and rest with professional supervision. Running a daycare center means all parties must work together to make things fun, organized and practical for the kids.

Often, daycare centers need to organize activities, plan meals, transport kids home at the end of each day, among other things. For a childcare facility to function up to standard, a consistent chain of communication is necessary, and all staff members must be quickly accessible.

Business radios, which reliably cover short and long ranges, even with barriers nearby, will ensure smooth, uninterrupted operations at your facility. Using radios allows teachers to communicate for basic tasks or gather groups—even during emergencies. Tech Wholesale offers a variety of radios that are perfect for the job.

During an emergency, especially when children are involved, a quick response is imperative. This means having a plan and all the necessary tools. Radios prove effective in these instances, in which management needs to monitor staff, check on the children or communicate pertinent information. When equipped with radios, nobody will miss a message.

Tech Wholesale supplies top-of-line brands, such as Motorola and Kenwood, for these day-to-day encounters. With advanced features and hands-free models, staff work will never be compromised and parents’ expectations will always be met.

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Two-way radios for sporting events

two-way radios for sporting events

Two-way radios for sporting events

Every sporting event, big or small, needs to be properly organized. An easy-to-use, reliable communication system can be the first step in maintaining these event crowds. Tech Wholesale, who specializes in two-way radio systems, offers options that will provide clarity in these loud spaces, while also withstanding the harsh environments that sporting events can bring.

Tech Wholesale offers radios from the best brands, including Motorola and Kenwood. With radios promising limited interruption, quality is never compromised. In emergency situations, such as when a player, worker or fan has been involved in an accident, two-way radios ensure a reliable, instant response.

For special events, cell phones aren’t always practical. People may not always use the same service provider or smartphone, so group chats may become frustrating and unreliable. Two-way radios ensure all parties will exchange messages reliably and at minimum cost, while also promoting worker productivity and efficiency.

Whether golf, tennis, swimming, football or other sporting events, communication is the backbone of a successful experience. Two-way radios are an affordable solution to common issues, and the number of available options are enough to suit most sporting businesses. Keep in touch with the rest of the team. Contact us—we’ll walk you through every step of the process. All online orders include free shipping.

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The Best Two Way Radios for Business

This concise article will tell you what you need to know to choose the best two-way radio for business use. A small investment in your company’s internal communications will pay for itself in a few short months in terms of productivity, satisfied customers and repeat business.

The key considerations are indoor versus outdoor use, size versus power, durability, advanced features and maximizing signal range. Every business has its unique requirements and challenges, so we’ll discuss the best business radios for different types of businesses.

Indoors, Outdoors or Both?

If your business is conducted exclusively outdoors, such as an outdoor maintenance crew, farm supervisors or stadium security, a VHF radio will give you the greatest signal range over a large outdoor area that is free of obstructions. Kenwood’s TK-2400V4P, TK-2400V16P and TK-2402V16P models are extremely efficient outdoor radios built for heavy duty use in harsh conditions. They have a range of up to 6 or 7 miles, and they’re built to rigorous military standards to withstand dust, water, temperature extremes, shock and vibration.

If your company operates indoors, such as in a multi-floor office building, restaurant, hospital, hotel, warehouse or shopping mall, choose UHF radios. UHF radio waves can carry between rooms and penetrate steel, concrete and wood structures. They’re also the best choice high performance indoors and outdoors. Some top performing UHF radios with plenty of power include Motorola’s RDU series, which has 4 watts and up to 16 channels. These radios have an indoor range of up to 350,000 square feet.

Size Versus Power – and Can You Have Both?

Bigger isn’t always better. That’s especially true for a hotel, restaurant, hospital or professional offices needing to equip their workers and security detail with two-way radios. Sometimes what you want it a compact walkie-talkie that’s comfortable to wear for people who are constantly moving. You might also not want to attract attention to the unit, if the person is regularly interfacing with the public. Motorola offers their CLS Series and CLP Series radios, which are extremely lightweight and compact. The CLP radios can be used with a repeater, which lets you increase the radio’s range up to 20 floors indoors. This is an excellent option for businesses that need compact radios but don’t want to give up power. Another option for small and powerful two-way radios is to go digital. Motorola’s DLR Series radios are small and lightweight, yet they have a range of up to 20 floors. These digital radios do not require an FCC license to operate, which is a big cost savings for businesses. Additionally, they provide the flexibility to speak to groups of people or have personal conversations as with a cell phone.

Advanced Features for Business Efficiency

Other features to look for in a perfect business radio is the ability to clone radio settings between units, long battery life, customer programmable software and exclusive business frequencies. Having special business frequencies is important, as this will give you a clearer signal with less interference. Certain models, such as the Motorola RDU4160D, can be used with a repeater, letting you expand the already impressive signal range. This model also includes privacy codes which enhances security for confidential business communications.

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