Bonuses on All Motorola Business Two Way Radio Orders!

Business Radios

If you’ve taken a look at the selection at, you already know that we offer one of the net’s largest and most comprehensive showcase of Motorola two way radios. You know that our prices are much more affordable than other retailers. You know that we accomodate the needs of any order, whether it’s two radios or 200 radios. You also know that we work with you to ensure that you find the right radio for your needs, no matter what they may be.

Well, now, you can get an even sweeter deal when you shop the selection of Motorola business two way radios at With your order of a two way business radio, Motorola will include a FREE stand-up charger and high-end lithium-ion battery. Seriously. Free. Included with your order. Now that’s something you can really appreciation.

In addition, on any Motorola business radio purchase, we also offer FREE shipping, so you can save even more on favorites like the Motorola RDX series, the CLS, the DTR, or the Motorola XTN radio line. Finally – there’s a better way to shop for Motorola two way business radios.

Get yours today, complete with FREE shipping, FREE stand-up charger, and FREE high end lithium ion battery from

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Make Tech Wholesale Your Source for Corporate Radio Orders

Business Radios

Looking to find a corporate two way radio wholesaler to work with? Need to form a relationship with a radio provider that actually understands your needs? Then let Tech Wholesale be your choice.

At Tech Wholesale, we offer special services and bonus programs to many of our loyal corporate customers, so you can save on all of the best two way radios and accessories available. Plus, with our attention to service, great pricing, and personalized approach to doing business, you can bet that you’ll find the right radio (and purchasing program) for your budget.

If your company is looking to order a significant quantity of two way radios and accessories regularly and you wish to be included on our list of corporate two way radio customers, then check out our corporate sales application. We’ll work with you to ensure that your needs are met, no matter what the size of your order.

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Product Highlight: Motorola RDU2020

Motorola RDU2020

The Motorola RDU2020 is one of the best business two way radios available out there today and at, we offer it at a price that makes it affordable for any small business owner.

This two way business radio that’s perfect for a variety of industries includes features like:

• 2 watts of power – Covers up to 250,000 sq. ft. or 20 floors indoors
• 2 Channels
• Operates on 89 UHF business exclusive frequencies
• 122 privacy codes to help ensure a clear signal
• Advance Voice Activation (VOX) –For convenient, hands-free operation
• Customer Programming Software (CPS) – For easy computer programming tasks

Whether you’re an electrician, contractor, foreman, or a small business with a stock room to organize, these business radios by Motorola can stand up to the challenge of serving your business efficiently and effectively.

Make it easier than ever to communicate with your staff by equipping your business with Motorola RDU2020 two way radios from We offer bulk savings, discounts, and many other deals to make effective communication affordable for every business. Learn more by giving us a call at 888-925-5982.

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Farms Need Two Way Business Radios


The fall is a busy time if you’re working on a farm. With plenty of do before the winter and a harvest to deal with, it’s no wonder that so many large farms hire extra staff during this season to get things done. However, if you are dealing with a larger staff – or if you’re working on the farm – you can definitely benefit from the use of two way radios to communicate.

Whether you’re giving directions to new farm hands or operating heavy farm equipment, a set of two way radios gives you the power to communicate with other important people on the job without having to deal with the struggles of a cell phone. These durable and effective two way radios are designed to stand up to the tough jobs on the farm, not to mention, your need for ease of use. Motorola offers farm radios that are ideal for giving to your staff while you get things done.

Packed with user-friendly features, a super durable make, and a long-lasting battery, farm radios by Motorola are just what you’ve been looking for when you need to communicate over a large farm. Get yours today at and save. We can handle both individual or bulk orders to suit the needs of your farm, so stop by and check out our selection.

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A Must-Have Radio Set for Photographers

Motorola CLS 1110

Motorola CLS 1110

Are you planning on working with some difficult subjects this winter? Have photography shoots booked for engagement photos, holiday portraits, and more? Then start simplifying your photography business with a business radio that’s designed to keep up. Made by Motorola and trusted to be durable, the Motorola CLS 1110 two way business radio is simply a must-have for any photographer with a busy shooting schedule.

With features like 1 channel, 121 interference eliminator codes, rechargeable battery, lock buttons, tons of features, and an easy-to-read lighted display screen, this two way radio simply proves itself on the job. Once you start using this radio to call your assistant or send instructions to your crew, you’ll find that you’ll save so much time and hassle. No more running back and forth for props or backdrops. Just call a member of your production staff or an assistant using this fast and efficient business radio from

Get this photographer’s companion before the holiday rush at

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Walkie Talkies Can Help Run Your Retail Business

Retail Business Radios

Have you ever been faced with the following situations in retail?

  • A customer has a particular question about a product that’s not in your section.
  • A customer inquires about a price but the item doesn’t have the appropriate number.
  • A customer wants to know if a certain item is in stock but you’re stuck at the checkout.
  • A coworker needs to find a missing bar code scanner or another piece of equipment.
  • An emergency has happened but you want to keep the rest of your store calm.

If you’ve ever worked in retail, you already know that questions and concerns are commonplace. However, when employees have an effective way to communicate, getting the job done can be a whole lot easier. All of the situations described above are ones that can be resolved fast and effectively with the help of two way business radios or walkie talkies.

At, we know that working in retail is challenging, especially in a high traffic or high volume environment, and we want to give you tools to help make your retail job easier and less stressful. Our retail selection of Motorola and Kenwood two way business radios is designed specifically for use in your industry and when you need to communicate over prices, inventory, products, or even an emergency, we’ll be here to help you do it.

Shop our selection of business radios for retail today.

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Motorola Two Way Radios

What do these businesses and agencies have in common?:

  • 3M
  • Borders Book Stores
  • At&T
  • Dell
  • Boeing
  • Office Depot
  • Pepsi Americas
  • Michelin Tires
  • Walgreens
  • Wal-Mart
  • YMCA
  • United States Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard

The answer?

Since 1997, has been Motorola and Kenwood’s largest retailer for two way business radios. Now, the companies listed above are just a sampling of our business. In addition to supplying some of the most well-known brands in America, we also supply small and medium-sized businesses with batteries, accessories, and two way radios from both Motorola and Kenwood so that organizations of all shapes and sizes can get the communications capabilities they need.

Ready to place your corporate order for two way business radios? Give us a call at 1-888-925-5982 and we’ll be happy to work with you. We provide perfect customer service, the best prices anywhere, and dependability you can really trust. Plus, we’ll help you find the right business radios for your industry or application. Whether it’s communicating with the stock room or working with an entire multi-level building, we’re ready to help your business keep in touch.

Let take care of your business with Kenwood and Motorola two way radios and accessories.

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What’s the difference between VHF and UHF radios?

Motorola Two Way Radio

Motorola Two Way Radio

When shopping for a business two way radio, it’s important to know the differences between Ultra High Frequency (UHF) and Very High Frequency (VHF) radios. Not only will knowing the differences help you pick a better set of walkie talkies, but they’ll also assist in proper use of radio communication on the job.

So what’s the difference? Well, for starters, frequency penetration. UHF radio waves are strong enough to penetrate steel, concrete, brick walls, and rugged terrain, which makes a UHF radio ideal for indoor-outdoor communications, or in situations where you’ll need to communicate between floors of a building or in a more rugged environment.

On the other hand, VHF radio waves aren’t as strong and can’t go through the same things as UHF radio waves. Instead, VHF radios are best used when there aren’t any obstructions to the signal. If you’re communicating in the outdoors, a VHF two way business radio is the ideal fit for sending and receiving messages across open land, rolling hills, and thick forests.

UHF and VHF business two way radios also come with different features to make use easier. Some UHF radios will include a more rugged design or compatibility with headsets. Some VHF radios will offer options for use in all weather. It all depends on the radios you’re looking at.

At, we carry both UHF and VHF business walkie talkies that are perfect for meeting your two way radio needs. Shop our selection today.

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Product Highlight: Motorola RDX Business Radios

Motorola RDX RadioDid you know that the Motorola RDX line of business radios offers so much more than your average walkie talkie? Designed for everyday use in some of the toughest environments, the Motorola RDX business radio is an essential for on-site construction work, security, or other industrial applications. If you use a two way radio to communicate with employees, a command center, or others in an environment that demands durability and performance, then you need the Motorola RDX radio from

This radio comes packed with 4 watts of power, so you can easily communicate between 30 floors indoors or within 350,000 square feet. Plus, it offers 10 channels, operates on 89 different UHF frequencies, and has 122 privacy codes to help ensure a clear signal. Factor in the Advance Voice Activation (VOX) that allows for hands-free operation and Customer Programming Software and you’ve got a radio that goes above and beyond.  That’s not just power; it’s perfection in a business radio.

Get your Motorola RDX radio for industrial, construction, security, or retail functions. Trust us. You’ll never turn back to your old set of walkie talkies again.

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