Best Radio Accessories for Your Walkie

To really optimize your chosen walkie talkie set, you’ll need more than just the receives themselves. Whether you’re using them for personal, recreational use or to keep things safe and productive while on the job, there are a number of accessories that you can use to ramp up your walkie talkie’s performance. Here are just a few of the best radio accessories.

  • A Headset. While a walkie talkie is already a very convenient tool for long distance communication, it’s not exactly a hands-free device. If you’re doing a job that requires both hands as well as communication with your co-workers, you’ll want to invest in a headset that goes with your radio.
  • An earpiece. For even more discreet, hands-free communication, hook your walkie talkie to your belt and use an earpiece to talk to your coworkers. Most of these accessories have push-to-talk features that make it easy to speak when you want to and turn them off when you don’t.
  • A belt holster. Whether you’re using a separate headset or not, a belt holster is essential for keeping your radio on hand at all times. These swivel holsters make it easy to remove the radio without interrupting your duties.
  • A multi-unit charger. If your entire family or team of employees uses walkie talkies, you’ll want to purchase a multi-unit charger that charges multiple radios at once. It’s a huge time saver, not to mention a space saver when you’re charging your radios on the counter!
  • A high capacity lithium-ion battery. If you’re tired of your walkie talkie dying in the middle of the day, upgrade the standard battery to a high capacity battery that holds a charge for much longer. When fully charged, this type of battery lasts for 9 to 12 hours.

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How Heavy Duty Radios Can Keep People Safe on the Golf Course

Golf isn’t a contact sport in the same way that, say, football is, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with its fair share of dangers. From golf cart accidents to concussions due to a rogue ball, there are number of accidents that could happen during your afternoon tee time. There are even dangers that can occur while you’re working at a golf course, if that’s your job. Here are a few important ways that heavy duty radios can keep people safe on the golf course.

  • If you and your friends are golfing and separate into two or more groups, heavy duty radios can enable you to communicate with one another when you’re apart.
  • If you have older people in your golf game, carrying a heavy duty radio can enable you to call for help in case of an accident or injury. Physical activity puts particular strain on older people, and you’ll have much more peace of mind while playing if you know that you can rely on a radio.
  • For golf course employees doing routine maintenance, such as collecting balls or mowing the grass, it’s important to keep in contact with the rest of the staff. Provide your employees with heavy duty radios that will enable them to call for help in case of a lawnmower accident, a fall, or even a broken bone.
  • Those who are allergic to bee stings are in particular danger while golfing, since there are many opportunities to come in contact with bees while outside. Carrying a heavy duty radio is a great way to keep these players safe in case of a sting.
  • Golf course employees can also keep tabs on the course’s security by using heavy duty radios. If an employee or security guard notices something suspicious going on somewhere on the grounds, he or she can easily radio for help.

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Featured Brand: Shop Motorola Solutions Radios at Tech Wholesale

If you’re looking for a high quality, reliable business radio for just about any type of use, the Motorola line is one of our favorites here at Tech Wholesale. These radios have been around for years, and they’re known for being both extremely effective and very affordable.

The Motorola DLR Digital Radios don’t require an FCC license, so they’re perfect for small businesses. These radios sound crystal clear up to 300,000 feet away indoors, so they’ll help to improve your level of customer service and increase employee productivity. These are also very similar to cell phones, except without all the dialing and the pricey data plans.

If you’re in need of a radio that’s smaller and more aesthetically pleasing, try the Motorola CLP Radios. These are great for places like restaurants or retail stores where the radios will be used in plain sight, but they’re still entirely wireless and easy to use.

Motorola CLS Radios are some of the brand’s most lightweight styles, weighing in at under 5 ounces. Because of their compact, lightweight size, these portable radios are perfect for industries like food service, seasonal work, and retail.

Motorola doesn’t only manufacture small, high-tech radios, however; options like the MURS Walkie Talkies are a bit larger, but that makes them perfect for outdoor use. These Multi-Use Radio Service walkie talkies operate on a set of open frequencies that don’t require an FCC license for use, which means that they’re great for outdoor activities such as camping or music festivals.

No matter what type of radio or walkie talkie you’re in the market for, you can be sure that Motorola offers something to suit your needs. This well-known brand doesn’t only boast decades in the business, they even invented the very first walkie talkie all the way back in 1940!

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High-Tech Gardening in Your Home

For tech lovers, there’s absolutely no part of the home that can’t be improved by a bit of technology. You may think that gardening is an all-natural hobby, but with the help of Tech Wholesale, even your garden can use a bit of a tech update.

The high-tech gardener won’t want to miss out on the Parrot Pot Self Watering Plant Container, a unique and innovative device that helps to make gardening and caring for houseplants a breeze. If you think that you have a bit of a black thumb rather than a green thumb, this handy (and fascinating!) device will give your plants a fighting chance. Here’s how it works.

  • The pot itself connects to a Bluetooth database of more than 8,000 different plant varieties, so it knows exactly what type of care your particular plant requires.
  • The Bluetooth device then connects to a 2.2-liter irrigation system, which knows exactly when and how much to water your plant. No overwatering here!
  • Your Parrot Pot Self Watering Plant Container will then give you a full report on your plant’s specs, including its soil moisture, fertilizer, sunlight requirements, and even its temperature. It will also show you the amount of time before the next reservoir filling.
  • The Parrot Pot Self Watering Plant Container connects to an app on your smartphone, which allows you to access its Bluetooth database and plant profile. It will even send you alerts to show you exactly how your plant is doing! 
  • Despite all of these technological advancements, the Parrot Pot Self Watering Plant Container still looks just as sleek and understated as a traditional plant pot. It features a tall, slender design and your choice of three attractive colors, and you can re-use it time and time again with different plants by simply repotting.

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Advantages to Using the Nox Sleepace System

Wondering how you can improve your quality of sleep, monitor the sleep you get each night, and even make waking up each morning a little bit easier? The Nox Sleepace system may be right for you. This high tech system is revolutionizing the way that people sleep (and wake up) every day. If you’re still unsure if the Nox Sleepace system is right for you, check out these advantages to using this revolutionary series of products.

  • The Nox Sleepace system is a line of products designed to monitor the sleep you get each night and give you a full report of the quality of your sleep once you wake up in the morning. The advantage to this report is that it allows you to tell exactly how you slept each night, including when you tossed and turned and when you achieved a restful REM state, in order to make adjustments to your sleeping environment and habits.
  • The system’s light and sound features work with your body’s natural sleeping patterns (as recorded by the product itself) to create a soothing, unobtrusive program that will positively impact your sleeping conditions and help you to fall asleep faster.
  • The Nox Sleepace’s red wavelengths are proven to help raise your body’s secretion of melatonin, a natural hormone that anticipates darkness, rest, and eventually, sleep.
  • Throughout the night, the Nox system will read when you’re starting to become restless and adjust its light output accordingly. This will help you to stay asleep longer and help to stop you from waking up throughout the night. 
  • The corresponding Nox Sleepace Sleep Dot Sensor even provides the wearer with a gentle sleep aid that will lull you into a restful, complete sleep state. By simply attaching it to your pillow, the Sleep Dot Sensor will communicate with your Nox Sleepace light and turn down the light once you’re deep asleep.

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How to Manage Background Noise with Two-Way Radio Communication

You can now use two-way radios to minimize background noise while communicating in the workplace. Today’s radios have several advanced features that will cut out excess noise in busy environments so that you can speak to your co-workers more clearly and effectively. In this article, we discuss some of those technologies.

Automatic Gain Control – An audio signal, whether whispered or yelled at full volume, will come out clearly and crisply, at a uniform volume on the receiving end. This is a convenient feature for users that have different kinds of microphones, with some directly facing their mouth and others clipped on to a lapel.

Audio Profiles – With audio profiles that are selected by the user, a person can set up their own audio profile to match their microphone volume and hearing preferences. They can also use this feature to set up different volumes for environments that have various noise levels.

Audio Feedback Suppressor – This feature uses an advanced algorithm to block feedback from radios in your immediate vicinity. This is very helpful in busy workplaces where staff must work alongside each other and occasionally communicate with different people elsewhere in the facility.

Windporting - A remote speaker microphone may have this feature, which reduces the howling sound that can be heard when trying to speak to someone in a windy location. This is very useful when communicating outdoors during severe weather conditions. It also keeps the microphone free of water, which is helpful when it’s raining.

Intelligent Audio – This feature monitors background noise and automatically adjusts the volume of the speaker, improving audibility via the microphone. With loud background noise, the speaker volume is increased, so that manual adjustments are no longer necessary.

SINC+ Noise Cancellation – With this advanced noise cancellation, background noise is permanently suppressed, effectively handling very noisy locations and providing optimal sound quality. It also maintains crisp detail in speech when moving between loud and quiet areas, automatically changing the suppression level based on background noise volume.

IMPRES Audio Accessories – These special accessories from Motorola improve audio processing in two-way radios. They have their own set of parameters that are communicated to the radio’s DSP (digital signal processor). The audio signal from the microphone is then fine-tuned, with the gain adjusted to fit the situation, such as when the person is speaking away from the microphone.

These advanced audio features can be found on various Motorola radios and accessories. For more information, contact your two-way radio experts at Tech Wholesale. We are an Authorized Motorola Dealer with the best prices and selection.

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A Simple Guide to Using Walkie-Talkies at Events

Using walkie-talkies at events can help that special event run in a smooth, organized and professional manner. Whether it’s a wedding reception, an industry trade show or a rock concert, instant communication between staff members and supervisors keeps everyone well-coordinated and up-to-date with the latest essential information. Here’s how to get the most from your radios at an event.

Choosing the Best Two-Way Radios for Event Management

Is your event indoors in a large convention hall or outdoors in an open field? Yes, it makes a big difference in what kind of radio would be ideal for your environment. Indoors, UHF radios (such as the Motorola RDU4160D) are preferred, because their signal carries best around obstructions like glass, metal and concrete. Outdoors, VHF radios have the furthest range, but they don’t carry as well through buildings or even around dense forests. For both indoor and outdoor use, choose a UHF model. If you have multiple groups of employees that need to stay connected, choose a model with multiple channels. For outdoor use, look at radios that meet MIL-STD-810 (like the Motorola RMU2080), as these are designed to be used in harsh environments.

Who Should Have a Two-Way Radio?

To decide exactly which employees need a handheld radio, take a close look at your operation. For smaller groups where staff is scattered over a large distance, it makes sense for everyone to have a radio. For larger companies such as an organization running a big festival, you can outfit each department with a radio, such as the box office supervisor, security chief, event organizer, concessions manager, VIP tent coordinator, main sound engineer, maintenance crew leader, etc.

Real-Life Examples of Radios at Special Events

A convention hall is hosting a large industry meeting of robotics engineers at their facility. There are various panels being held, floor demonstrations of the latest technology, on-site food stands and an awards ceremony. Each of these requires walkie-talkies to keep the entire operation running smoothly, attending to attendees’ special needs and any emergency situations that arise. Elsewhere, there’s a music festival in progress. Concertgoers must have bags checked and tickets scanned as they enter into the gated park. Band sound checks must go off without a hitch, and VIP tents must be well-stocked with food and drinks for musicians. Security must keep an eye on the crowd, both for unruly crowd members and for anyone who needs assistance. There are also food concessions, merchandise tables and possibly other activities going on simultaneously. In both types of events, two-way radios are important tools to keep everything orderly.

Helpful Accessories for Event Two-Way Radios

Some of the most useful two-way radio accessories for events are those that allow for discreet, clear communication in a noisy environment. Take a look at headset microphones and earpieces that can be used with walkie-talkies to improve clarity in the workplace, especially when that workplace happens to include large crowds of people and sound amplification. High-capacity batteries are another accessory that can be especially helpful for an event that runs for many hours. A belt holster can be used along with a headset microphone for maximum portability and comfortable use.

Tech Wholesale carries a wide range of accessories for two-way radios at the lowest possible prices.

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Top Motorola Two-Way Radio Accessories for Peak Performance

The best Motorola two-way radio accessories are those that were made by the manufacturer for specific Motorola radio models. In addition to uncompromising quality and compatibility, they were designed to enhance the operation and performance of the radio.

Accessories for Motorola DLR Digital Radios

The line of Motorola DLR radio accessories include time-saving items and devices to keep you light on your feet while you stay in touch with the rest of your staff. Top products include the comfortable push-to-talk Motorola HKLN4604 swivel earpiece microphone and the lightweight temple transducer (Motorola RMN5114), for those who don’t like wearing an earbud. There are also multi-unit chargers, which save time and energy.

Motorola RDX Radio Accessories

Top Motorola RDX radio accessories include their remote speaker microphone, which is great for those who don’t like having something on their heads but who still require hands-free radio operation. The discreet earpiece and microphone is ideal for staff members that must maintain a professional appearance for customers. The Motorola rapid charger kit is helpful if you’re in a hurry and need your radio battery charged fast.

High-Quality Motorola Accessories for RM Radios

Designed for use with Motorola RM radios, top accessories for these radios include the Motorola RM cloning cable, which lets you transfer settings effortlessly from one radio to others.

Other top Motorola radio accessories include stubby and whip antennas, for changing between outdoor and indoor communications and high-capacity batteries to keep radios running during extra-long work shifts.

At Tech Wholesale, you’ll find these genuine Motorola two-way radio accessories at the best prices. We conveniently organize them by radio compatibility. Just choose your radio model and see what’s available. As an Authorized Motorola Dealer, we carry the latest accessories for Motorola radios.

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Keep Employees Safe with Two-Way Radios

Two-way radios for retail and other organizations will ensure safety in the workplace. That seems like a bold statement to make, but workplace safety relies on solid communication among workers and supervisors in a timely manner. There is no faster means of communicating to a large group of employees than with two-way radios. Individual phone calls take too much time, and a public address system is just that – public. For discreet, immediate messages sent to all staff members simultaneously, walkie-talkies are the smartest choice.

Here’s how two-way radios make employees safer, with specific real-life examples.

Quick, Discreet Communication in a Retail Environment

In a retail environment, many different customers come and go. Larger facilities likely have a security team, but even they can’t be everywhere in the store. In the event of a shoplifter, unruly customer or medical emergency, retail staff with two-way radios can radio for assistance at the touch of a button. Most importantly, they can contact their fellow employees discreetly without alarming other customers. This goes a long way to ensure the safety of both employees and customers.

Group Communication at a Concert or Special Event

Special events such as large outdoor concerts, festivals and school commencements can have many attendees, making security and attending to the needs of attendees quite challenging. Two-way radios let you broadcast to your entire team immediately, whether it’s to get medical help for someone who has fallen or to alert security personnel about a potential problem such as a disorderly crowd.

Instantly Accessible and Easy to Use

In addition to handheld two-way radios and walkie-talkies, Tech Wholesale sells call boxes that connect immediately to staff members with radios. These can be effectively placed in college dorm buildings, warehouse loading docks, hospital and hotel hallways and many other locations in public buildings. In the case of warehouses, they can be used to let supervisors know about a new delivery. However, many of their uses involve public safety, as in the case of an intruder at a dorm or a medical emergency in a hospital hallway. Calling police on a cell phone will likely not provide as fast of a response as letting all staff members in the area know that help is needed.

Two-Way Radios in the Workplace Enhance Security

Especially in companies such as factories where potentially dangerous equipment and chemicals are used every day, two-way radios ensure that employees are safe at all times. Not only can supervisors notify other departments of a problem or danger. They can also put out a call for help in the case of an emergency. Broadcasting a need to many co-workers at once rather than chasing down the right person (or the closest person) enables a faster response time. Security personnel, upon encountering a problem at their facility, can quickly and quietly call for backup.

Instant Wider Coverage with Radios and Repeaters

Whether it’s a security team, hospital staff, retail business or another type of organization, two-way radios offer wide coverage in any environment, even where cell phone coverage may be spotty or non-existent. Also, if you need even wider radio coverage than your current handheld devices can provide, certain radio models (such as the Motorola RDX and the Motorola CLP Series radios) can be used with a two-way radio repeater. A radio repeater takes the signals from handheld units and amplifies them, rebroadcasting at a greater wattage and a higher physical location for improved coverage.

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Two-Way Radios Demystified

There are certain beliefs about two-way radios that just aren’t true. These “false beliefs” may keep an organization from making a small investment in radios that could greatly increase their business profits and improve customer satisfaction. Here are some common two-way radio misconceptions, and we’ll debunk every one of them!

Two-Way Radios Are Too Expensive

There are radios for every budget, from family-friendly Motorola Talkabout radios and sleek, sophisticated Motorola CLS radios for discreet business use to beefy, indestructible Motorola RDX business radios. Certain models, like the Talkabouts and the Motorola DLR digital radios, don’t require an FCC license to operate, making them even less expensive. Furthermore, these are one-time investments that can be used for years without any cell phone service agreement or surcharges. Also, they reliably cover any area within the range of the handheld units, as opposed to cell phones that may have spotty coverage in certain areas. Over the long-term, walkie-talkies are the cheaper option.

An FCC License is Hard to Get and Expensive

For companies using UHF or VHR radios, you will need to obtain a license to operate those radios. However, each license is good for 10 years, and they can be easily obtained online via the FCC Universal Licensing System. Also, if you have any questions or need assistance in obtaining a license, you can call us here at Tech Wholesale and we’ll help walk you through it.

If you don’t want to be bothered with getting an FCC license, there are excellent license-free options. For personal use, family use and community radios, we highly recommend the Motorola Talkabout Series. The Motorola RMM2050 is a robust business radio that operates on MURS frequencies, which is also a license-free frequency band.

Two-Way Radio Sound Quality Isn’t as Good as Phone Quality

This certainly isn’t true anymore. Walkie-talkies offer immediate sound transfer, though the optimal radios for your use will depend upon your environment and the range required. The latest digital radios, such as the Motorola DLR Series radios and Motorola DTR radios, use advanced technology for pristine, crystal clear signals that are transmitted digitally, with zero background noise.

With Two-Way Radios, You Can’t Get Extra Features

Once again, the latest digital technology offers many of the features of cell phones but without the service charges and spotty coverage. This includes group calls or individual calling, text messaging, GPS, caller ID, call forwarding, long battery life, remote monitoring, daily alarms and more. In addition, many of the digital models meet strict military specifications for durability and toughness in extreme environments.

The Coverage of a Two-Way Radio Isn’t Good Enough

Many walkie-talkie models, such as the Motorola CLP Series and Motorola RDX radios, can be used with a two-way radio repeater, which can be used to greatly expand the range of the handheld radios. Multiple repeaters can be used to cover an entire city. The internet can be used to connect sites around the country.

Only Large Organizations Use Two-Way Radios

This is definitely one of the biggest radio myths. These days, you’ll find walkie-talkies in use at small cafes and restaurants, by friends on a skiing holiday and by community watchdog groups. Families will use two-way radios on a camping trip or at a theme park. In fact, family radios are a great way to make sure kids don’t get lost at the mall.

Walkie-Talkies and Two-Way Radios Are Too Big

That may have been true for radios designed 20 years ago, but definitely not now! Look at your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy and now look at the Motorola CLP1040 radio, which measures 3.5 by 2.0 by .75 inches. Or check out the digital Motorola DTR410, which is 5.2 by 2.3 by 1.4 inches. Lean and mean is the way of the future!

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